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VIDEO: The Halloween Workout

It doesn’t matter how old you are … Halloween is one of the most fun days of the year. So why not let that fun inspire your workout? Especially since you know you won’t be able to fight the urge to nip a candy bar or two from your kids’ Trick or Treat haul. My […]

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straphangers, subway commuters

I Know What Happened to Charlie: The T Killed Him

Did he ever return? No he never returned. ‘Cause he’s dead. A fitness pro gets used to the daily commute.

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Fitness and the Working Mom

Juggling family, to do lists, and trying to squeeze in fitness can be really hard. Here are some strategies.

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Taking Your Training Seriously

Even fit and healthy folks need to take training seriously when undertaking a new athletic endeavor. Here’s why.

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Injury Won’t Heal? Could Be Your Mind

If the healing process is taking too long, it might be your own actions that are causing the delay. Here are things to avoid doing while recovering.

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A New Chapter for My Fitness Life

Opportunities come when you least expect them sometimes. And my new one is the chance of a lifetime.

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