A Little Tummy & A Lot of Confidence

Lots of women are shouting “Hallelujah!” from the rooftops that a “real” woman finally made it into the pages of a high fashion magazine, in this case Glamour. They are happy to see a little pooch and a lot of confidence coming from a “normal-sized” woman pictured in a style magazine.

There has been far too much harpooning over the years of what most women’s bodies are really like.  Jennifer Love Hewitt had to take the heat a while back when she appeared healthy & happy and not super-skinny in a bathing suit at the beach. I’m sure Kirstie Alley isn’t thrilled with the press she’s gotten since experiencing a very real, very normal set back in her weight battle.

I’m happy to see the cyber-buzz about Lizzie Miller, the pg. 194 model. What pleases me most is that women are speaking out that they want to see more real women represented and less washboard abs and pencil thin thighs.

Real women are making inroads into our public psyche.  Examples such as O MagazineMarie Claire and the Dove Beauty campaign are out there.  The fashion industry and their advertising arms need to embrace this much more strongly.

I’d like to see the Celeb-Moms who drop their baby weight in 3 weeks fade to the background of media attention. I’d like to see more features on real working women rocking their office chic wardrobes in the boardrooms instead. I’m glad the pg. 194 gal is getting such positive attention, and I hope the magazine editors and advertisers of the world are taking note.

What are your thoughts? Is real “sexy” or would you prefer we just stick with the fleeting fantasies offered us in fashion magazine spreads?