A Fitness Blogger Does Fashion Week in New York

I am in New York City.  I’m exercising my fashionista muscles more than my real muscles.  I am running around with the oh-so-cool crowd in the tents at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  I am having the time of my life.

I’ve been to one presentation (Carlos Campos ~ menswear) and one runway show (Daniel Vosovic ~ women) and got snubbed and locked out of a third.  It’s quite the learning experience and I’m loving not knowing what’s going on.

Here’s my fitness observations so far:

Models are ridiculously skinny. I’ve only seen two naked models so far and gosh, those girls are thin.  Obvious, I know, but it’s one thing to see a beautiful photoshopped picture in a magazine and another to see a real live model right in front of you.

The obesity epidemic is not very evident at Fashion Week. It’s kind of like the 1960s as far as the weight statistics for the crowd at the parties and shows.  Not too many double digit dress sizes wandering around.

You walk your bloody butt off going from venue to venue. No worries about getting my cardio in; I’ll be trucking from one end of Manhattan to the other.  The cardio comes from all the shows being crammed together so you’re always late to get to your next gig. Walking fast is required!

On a personal note, I went backstage at Daniel Vosovic’s show and held a video camera as my friend interviewed him.  He was sweet, endearing, and credits his grandmother as being one of his fashion inspirations.

So we’ll see what happens next.  Friday will be my first time inside the tents and I’ll experience the center of the frenzy up close and personal. I’m hoping to interview people about their workouts tomorrow and post them here.

This is not my usual blog post so please let me know what you think. And don’t be too jealous.