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When Was the Last Time You Truly Took a Day Off?

I challenge you to figure out how to completely unplug and unwind from the stresses of modern life. Weekends just don’t cut it anymore. Can you … veg out?

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Exercise and Sleep: New study shows best time of day

Did you ever wonder if exercise effects how well you sleep? A new study tested morning, afternoon and evening exercise on your ability to sleep.

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Mat Pilates vs. Equipment Pilates

Mat Pilates is frequently found in health clubs and equipment Pilates is more of a studio setting. What’s best for you? What will give you the best results? I discuss the differences.

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Fitness DVDs are Shipping. Yay!

The Fitness DVDs are in! Both Modern Pilates and the HIIT workout DVDs are shipping. My testers are already loving the results.

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Find a Workout: We are Fitness Lemmings

I stood there in the 80s in my leotard over tights and my leg warmers and flexed and sweated with everyone else.  I jumped right on the Spinning bandwagon, become certified to teach and leading bodies all over Boston in sweatfests.  Now all I hear about is Barre for the booty and HIIT workouts for […]

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Workout at Work: Why Sitting Isn’t an Option

You can work out at work with a treadmill or standing desk or even an exercise bike. We show you options, price points, and how to do it right.

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