Prepping For a Fitness DVD: The Last 8 Days Push

Sigh. I went from last week’s glory to this week’s crushing defeat. OK, maybe I’m overstating it a little bit, but last week was well … crappy.

My son was finally back in school, I was transitioning to a new teaching schedule at my Pilates studio, clients were calling and emailing willy nilly trying to find spots (we’re really busy with back-to-school Moms this time of year), and I worked out exactly twice.

I’m behind on my choreography development and I gained two pounds. Total net weight loss after 50+ days is five pounds. Luckily my measurements stayed the same from last week; I didn’t gain anything there.  So that was how I was feeling on Monday morning: frustrated. NOT the results I wanted to report. I knew I was into drastic measures mode starting right now … time for put up or shut up.

So I contacted Jonathan Bailor from “The Smarter Science of Slim” (he is very gracious with his time when I pester him with questions) and asked him “What are drastic measures for the ‘SSoS’ plan?” His answer: no fruit, increase protein, a little bit of nuts, and boost veggies to 10 to 15 servings a day.  I sucked it up, took his advice, and the two pounds melted right back off yesterday (I’m sure some kind of stress / water retention thing played a part as well). I feel like I’m back on track, although I don’t think I’m going to be done, done in just eight days.

The reality is my journey might turn from 60 days into the “75 Days to Become a Fitness DVD Star Challenge.”  Partly because I’m not physically where I need to be, but mostly because I’m not finalized with the workout design. I still haven’t cast the additional talent who will be doing the exercises with me on screen, and once I figure that out, I have to train them.

I think we’re looking at mid-October now for the shoot date.

Is This Realistic?

Is my process the best way to lose weight? Actually I’m glad I committed to being successful by only eating real food and exercising and not using supplements or other methods. I seem to have maintained muscle mass (the first time I’ve ever done so while going through a hardcore food regimen) and my energies level have generally stayed high.

Is this diet and routine realistic forever and ever? Um, no. While I’m a big fan of “The Smarter Science of Slim,” I definitely wouldn’t recommend to a client to do what I’ve been doing for any extended period, even though I know there are a lot of “SSoS” devotees who eat this way full time.  I like a slice of bread from my local bakery now and again, and I like a little ice cream here and there.  I will say though that I’m pretty sure my eating habits have changed permanently.  There will be a LOT less starches in my future. My evening meal no longer requires a starch and my whole family is quite content with two veggies instead.  That is a big win for me.

Onward and upward! I’m going to continue to do what I’m doing and get back on the wagon as far as workout development goes. I’ve faltered, but I haven’t failed. I’m still in this for the ultimate goal of a finished fitness DVD and I think I’ll have one by November 1st.