Obesity’s Scary Fallout: Plane Delays

Recently, Tony Gonzalez, tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, was on a plane departing Chicago when the flight was delayed.  The reason?  They ran out of seatbelt extensions.  There were too many obese people on the plane.

Yes, I’m saying obese, because overweight people can fit in the regular restraints, so we’re talking just obesity here.  Yikes!

Tony’s plea on twitter, “plane is delayed because they ran out of seatbelt extensions.  People we need to get healthy.”

Not only is Tony an All-Pro NFLer and a potential Hall of Famer he also has his own sports nutrition company, All Pro Science (not an endorsement from me, BTW).  So he’s trying to evolve his career to help others live a healthy lifestyle.

Does a plane delay like this seem inevitable?  Do you think it’ll become more common?  Does this make you want to act to do something either about your own waistline or to help others?

I’m wondering what Tony is thinking?  Has this fired him up?  Tony if you’re reading this, what would you do to turn obesity around in this country?  What are you doing about it now?

The obesity rates in the US are still inching up although they appear to be leveling off.  We watch shows like “The Biggest Loser” and “Food Revolution” but it doesn’t seem to help us shave pounds off of our frames.  Not yet anyway.

Let’s get a conversation going.  What do you think about obese people and flying?  Do you think they should pay a surcharge to extra fuel costs like some airlines are doing?  (Some are even making them buy 2nd seats.)