My Christmas Fitness Wish List


Every year we purchase gadgets hoping they’ll magically  make us thinner.  If we buy this pedometer, or those cool sneakers we’ll have solved our problems and be skinny forever.  We all know that’s not how it really works, here’s what I’d really like on my Christmas wish list this year …

To not feel guilty working out! I’d like to take that hour that I need 5 to 6 times a week and NOT think about the to do list waiting for me or how I’m neglecting my child, husband, business, blog, laundry … you get the idea.  The laundry doesn’t fold itself, but my butt needs some attention if it wants to stay in the skinny jeans.

To find some workout buddies. I love working out with other people, I chat with my girlfriends about the little details of life while I get my sweat on.  It’s fun and keeping regular appointments with my friends keeps me happy and my workouts regular!

To embrace my Zen side.  Yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, all those mind/body activities that leave us center and sooo less stressed.  I know it’s good for me, but it’s so hard to regularly put in my schedule (see stop feeling guilty above!)

To Green my Workouts.  The more we care about our bodies, the more we connect with the planet.  I would like to continue to green my workouts with such eco-friendly activities as hiking, Pilates, yoga, and buying gear from great places like Matter Yoga and LotusPad Yoga Mats that care about the environment as much as I do.

For my family to embrace the outdoors even more.  For us to think wandering around outside in a pack doing activities is fun.  Bring on the snowshoeing and sledding now and let’s go back to the kayaking and noodling around the park when the warm weather returns.  I will continue to attempt to embrace being a soccer Mom.

What would you like on your Fitness Wish List?  I’d love to have you share …