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Maxi Climber: An In-Depth Review

Physical exercises such as climbing are very important to a person’s health. Here, we are going to look at climbing exercises using Maxi Climber, but before that, it’s important for you to know some of the major benefits of climbing.

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Benefits of Climbing

  • Physical health

As you climb a rock, hill or using a vertical climber machine, you use a lot of your lower and upper body muscle groups. Your shoulders, arms, fingers and back, leg and abdominal muscles get exercised, thus become stronger with improved endurance and stamina. Besides, the stretching involved makes you more flexible and agile.

  • Stress reduction

Climbing increases norepinephrine levels in your body. Norepinephrine is a body’s neurotransmitter which helps in stress reduction. When you are climbing, you tend to become so immersed in the activity that you forget about your worries for some time.  Therefore, your stress level reduces with every climbing session. The exercise can also help in the improvement of depression signs.

  • Calories burning

If you want to shed off some weight and be in your dream shape, climbing could be of great help. According to Harvard Health Publications, a person weighing 155 pounds burns out roughly 818 calories per hour of climbing a rock. A vertical climber can help a person weighing 200 pounds to burn up about 850 calories per hour of exercise session.


How Does The Machine Work?

Now coming back to Maxi Climber, one of the most important things to know about it is a patented vertical climbing machine which has been proved to offer high user satisfaction.

Rock Climbing-like experience

Maxi Climber is designed to exercise the same muscles that rock climbing engages. It imitates the natural movement of your body, offering you a comprehensive and intense workout, unlike some exercise machines which work out just a particular muscle group.  It works out your arms, core muscles, abs, legs and gluteus muscles.

The Maxi Climber has two steps which move up and down in opposite directions, offering a user with a natural stepping motion. At the same time, its moving bars handle move in up-down manner in agreement with the steps. It also has a set of fixed handlebars where a user rests their arms, lowering the intensity of their exercises hassle-free.

The depth or shallowness and speed of the steps on the Maxi Climber are at the discretion of the user. The machine’s functioning is fully dependent on your motion. It stops when you stop and starts when you start your workout. Its speed is also in sync with your stepping speed.

Short quick steps are helpful for the proper pumping of your heart while the deep slow ones exercise your thighs and gluteus muscles, making them more shapely.

When it comes to arm motion, you, the user of Maxi Climb, you have a choice of the time and frequency of using the moving arm handle bars.  The bars come in handy when you want to exercise your arms as well. Otherwise, you can rest them on fixed hand folds.

This vertical climbing machine offers calorie-burning cardio and muscle toning benefits for your health fitness. Unlike some exercise machines whose usage is restricted, Maxi Climber is safe, even for daily use.  This is because it doesn’t exert additional stress on your lower body joints. No wonder it is one the most suitable exercise equipment for high-intensity interval training routines.

Better still, it comes out of the box with a free app to assist you to come up with excellent workout routines. Is also combines a meal plan to help you lose weight as you strengthen and tone your muscles.

How to Assemble It

The assembly of this vertical climber is easier than you think as the process is straightforward. Additionally, the machine comes with its main body, which is 90% of the entire equipment, being pre-assembled. As such, it is something that you can do on your own instead of spending money on a technician. Besides, most likely, you require contacting customer service because the process is very straightforward.

  1. Get enough space and clear it

When fully assembled, this climbing machine occupies a space of roughly six square feet. Therefore, the place where you intend to do the assembly should be a bit larger than that to accommodate the equipment and allow you to move freely while assembling it. Then clear the space to ensure that nothing interferes with the process.

  1. Install the larger U-bar on the larger cradle

Maxi climber  comes with its all the necessary screws placed in in correspondent with their holes to help you know the right place to insert each hole when assembling the unit.

To make the assembly easier, it is advisable to form the base first. The first thing to do about forming the base is to stand the main body of the climber with its logo facing upside down.  Once you remove them, place them in a safe place.

Then, take the largest U-bar and insert it at the top of the climber, into the cradle. You should place the bar with its holes aligned to the holes of the cradle. Once you’ve done that, insert the bolts in the holes and secure them into position using a wrench.

  1. Install the smaller U-bar on the smaller cradle

You see the arm that you lowered previously? Now, push it down for you to access the smaller cradle more easily. Having gained the access, it’s not time to remove the nuts inserted into the holes of the cradle. Then, place them in a safe place.

Now, place the smaller U-bar in the cradle with their holes corresponding well for proper joining with bolts and screws. Then, screw the bolts into place.

At this point, the Maxi Climber’s base is supposed to be in place. Turn the exercise machine over, with its u-bars being on the floor for support.

  1. Remove the pin

There’s a pin on the base for securing the stabilizing bar into place. Locate it, grip the bar firmly and remove it (the pin). As result, the bar will lower and stop upon reaching a triangular protruding from the side of the base of the machine.

This is the time to adjust the height of the machine by drawing the u-bars further apart or more closely, depending on your height. Then, align the holes of the bars and the cradles properly and push the pin into place.

5. Attach the pulleys

There are numerous bolts located near the front of the machine and beside the base on the two sides. Locate the middle bolt and remove the nut placed on it.

Locate the circular attachment located at the pulley’s end and then secure the strings of the pulley on it. Place back the nut you removed and tighten it securely using the wrench. Go to the other side of the climber and do the same.

6. Attach the handlebars

Finally, it’s now time to attach the handlebars; the four of them. Start with the longer movable ones. Insert one of them into the machine’s right-hand side slot. On the other side, insert the other large movable arm.  Then, adjust the arms to your preferred height.

The next thing is to install the fixed handlebars to the sides of the machine. You’ll see the hollow cylinders to which you are supposed to attach the bars. Slide the ends of the bars into the cylinders and push the metal pins until you see that they are securely attached.

Having followed the procedure correctly, you’ll by now have your Maxi Climber ready to help you achieve your target muscle strength and shape.

You can watch this video if you don’t understand the above instructions:

Strengths and weaknesses of the machine


Maxi Climber prides itself a massive popularity for whole body workouts and is ergonomic to provide ease of use for the exercises.   Here are more pros regarding the machine:

  • Versatile

Nearly everyone can use Maxi Climber for workouts because its height is adjustable. The machine has five different height settings for easy height adjustment.

  • Easy timing and tracking

Besides, the machine features an in-built timer to help you keep count of your steps and the calories you burn in every workout session with the machine.  This gives you motivation to improve on your exercises to burn more calories and get your dream shape faster than you can imagine.

Another beautiful thing about the timer is that you don’t have to turn it manually. It starts to keep track of your activity as soon as you begin to work out.  So don’t worry that you might forget to start it and so, fail to know how you’ve done in your workout session. The automatic feature of the timer got you covered.

  • Secure and comfortable grip

No more wear and tear on your hand as a result of using a workout machine. No stickier workout machine handles as well as long as you have Maxi Climber by your side. Its handles are non-stick and are ergonomically designed to fit in your hands comfortably and securely without hurting your hands. It is one of the most comfortable vertical climbers to use.

  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation

You can easily fold up the Maxi Climber to a compact size to make it fit a standard closed or beneath your bed.

  • Reasonably priced

Besides being a high-quality vertical climber, Maxi is also very affordable.  It is currently retailing on Amazon at roughly $343.17.


One of the major drawback of Maxi Climber is that it is a little bit noisy, especially when the arms are moving up and down. Additionally, it doesn’t have a swivel foot panels  or Velcro leg straps like some other vertical machines.

Although the equipment is pretty  stable, you  should exercise on it with your back straight to prevent it from tipping over.

  • Safety Measures

Just like any other exercise equipment, Maxi Climber should be handled with care for its safety and the safety of its users. Here are some of the safety measures that you should observe:

  • Get on and off the machine carefully to avoid tipping it over or damaging its rollers.
  • Follow set up instructions to the letter. The machine can be very dangerous if not assembled correctly.
  • Don’t use a malfunctioned Maxi climber, lest you have a high risk of getting injured should you use it before fixing the problem.
  • Use it correctly. Get on the machine by putting your right foot on the step as your right hand holds the handle.  Then grab the arm handlebar with your left hand and pull yourself up for your left foot to reach the other step.
  • Maintenance Tips

You can extend the lifespan of Maxi Climber and make it safer by doing the following:

  • Check for an abnormal noise. In case the machine sounds louder than normal, it could be a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. Call a relevant technician as soon as you notice the noise to prevent the potential issue from escalating or causing harm.
  • Regular cleaning: No matter how clean your place is, fluff, dust and grit are likely to collect in or on the machine. As such, regular cleaning of the machine, preferably after every use, is recommended to keep it in good shape and avoid costly damages.  Ensure that you follow the machine’s cleaning and dismantling instruction manual as you do the cleaning.
  • Tighten loose nuts and bolts on time to prevent the machine from collapsing whilst in use or potential damages.

Conquer Vertical Climber vs. Maxi Climber

One of the fiercest rivalries of Maxi Climber is Conquer Vertical Climber. Just like Maxi, Conquer allows you to use static or movable handles, depending on the muscles you want to exercise. Besides, it is a vertical climber and targets all the muscles that Maxi engages for low-impact aerobics and anaerobic exercises. In other words, it offers a rock climbing action that’s similar to Maxi’s. Additionally, both machines are fairly lightweight for easy portability and assembly.

However, contrary to Maxi which is a standalone machine, the Conquer Vertical Climber comprises various Conquer products.

Another difference between the two machines is the accessibility ease to their respective customer services in case a user needs a certain after-sales service. Unlike Maxi Climber which offers a myriad of contact channel options including email address, contact number as well as social media profiles, the Conquer’s customer service is only available through a contact form which is on the manufacture’s website.

On the up side, Conquer is more affordable as compared to Maxi.

On the downside, Conquer Vertical Climber has attracted a lot of negative user reviews concerning its cable which is claimed to fray within a short time. Another notable drawback about Conquer is that you might find it uncomfortable to use it without shoes because the traction control on the pedals can hurt your feet. Maxi Climber doesn’t have these issues.

Maxi Climber vs. Versaclimber

Maxi Climber also faces stiff competition from Versaclimber. Both are vertical climbers and operate similarly. Nevertheless, Versaclimber has more adjustments and settings than Maxi Climber and is more expensive.

Unlike Maxi Climber which features a cold-rolled steel construction, Versaclimber’s is aircraft-grade aluminum. As such, the latter is more strong and durable than the former. Another difference between the two is that Versaclimber has swivel foot panels plus Velcro leg straps, all which miss in Maxi Climber. No wonder Versaclimber  is pricier than Maxi Climber.

Maxi Climber stands in between the two vertical climbers for moderate affordability and quality workouts. It is a worthy buy.