I Broke Myself

Sometimes my body gives me a warning shot and I ignore it.  This is always a bad move.  Thursday it was a somewhat crick-y back that I silently willed to leave me alone.  So, Friday morning when I hobbled out of bed bent over I realized I’d been bitch-slapped.  My body does not fool around, when it wants attention it demands it.

This is entirely my fault and I was kinda being dodgy.  Barely doing Pilates, barely walking with all this cold and snow, barely hooping or Spinning.  A very hectic two weeks at work didn’t help, there were several 10+ hour days.  I emailed my boss that it was a work from home day and hobbled into the studio (walking helped to loosen my back a bit) and then spent an hour stretching and doing light Pilates to get it loosened up.  Ah-ha! Super tight calves, tight hip flexors and a cranky back … stretch, stretch, and a little kindness were what I needed.  Today, I feel much better although still a bit crick-y.

It has been five months since I started my new job and I love it.  I am jazzed about my work every day and my skills have been improving (I’m even learning HTML!) and I definitely made the right choice to wholly switch careers.

But, my fitness life has been a disaster.  Food has actually been pretty good overall, mostly salads and healthy lunch choices, breakfast and dinner have been healthy.  I still have to watch the snacking … but I’ve gained 7 pounds and gone up a dress-size and most of that I think is from sitting in one place all day, every day.  I underestimated how active I was at the studio.  Also just taking 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there and noodling around on the equipment makes a big difference in how I look and feel.

So, I’ve got to figure this out and there have been many attempts.  I pretty much had it when it was warmer and I was walking half-way or all the way to work.  That was keeping me sane (I hate the MBTA) and getting some movement in.  But I do need more.  Spring is coming and I want to look a bit better than I do now.

Thank you body for the wake-up call.  Thank you for reminding me that I need balance in my life.  Even fitness pros lose their center from time to time.  Hopefully this is the first step to getting it back.