Fitness Industry In-Fighting: Liberals vs. the Tea Party

A schism exists between the “kindness towards your body” and the “feel the burn” workouts.  People cleave avidly to only one group, there is little mixing.  Like liberals and Tea Party Members it’s best not to get them in the same room, both thinking they are far, far superior to the other.   Clearly I’m in the liberal/kinder group and I have had decent spats break out on Facebook as I point out the absurdity of working out until you puke.  I am merely poo-pooed and told I don’t know how to do a “real” workout.

And since I’m not in fabulous shape at the moment I have a bit of a weaker leg to stand on.  Fitness experts are only judged on their appearance after all, silly girl that I am, I think knowledge and skill account for something.

But my point is, it shouldn’t matter and I think it’s only because of skillful marketing that we have a division at all.  Yes, the person leading the workouts should keep people safe.  That’s a given.  But once that criteria is met people should work out any bloody way they want.  It is the tribe mentality, very slyly adapted by various workout regimens that create animosity.

I’m a …

  • CrossFitter
  • Barre-ista
  • Yogini
  • Whatever

and everything else sucks.  If you think about it that probably came more from the marketing signs in the locker room then it did from truly feeling that way.  Any kind of movement is good movement.  From gentle yoga to a Tough Mudder race, people are enjoying the experience their own, unique way.  I did a Warrior Dash once (a 5K mud race) and I had a blast, surprising myself by climbing a rope wall and leaping with glee over the little row of flames at the end.  I still wear my T shirt proudly.

How about we cut each other a little slack?

I will still point out things that I think are dangerous, going into a deep knee bend with 100 pound bar of weights on your shoulders for instance might not be the wisest move for a 50-something.  But as I tell my clients, almost any kind of movement is better than sitting on the couch.

How do you move?