A Skort Gives an All-Girl Track Team Confidence

I love this story.  An already successful all-girl track team in Washington, DC soared to new heights with a skort.

The coach noticed the girls tugging at their body-conscious running shorts at the starting line and decided to find a way so the girls could be more comfortable when they ran.  His solution?  A skort.

In case you’re unfamiliar, a skort is a skirt with compression shorts underneath so you can run all out and nothing will show.

The girls were skeptical at first but took to them quickly and started setting personal bests in their races.  Not having to worry about their clothing let the girls focus on their runs and gave them confidence.  How cool is that?

The conventional wisdom is that anything you can do to shave time is gold and compression shorts keep you aerodynamic.  But as one team mate Destiny Phillips put it, “You look good, you run good. It makes you feel different when you’re out on the track, like no one can come get you.”  That’s nothing but confidence!

The coach, Marvin Parker, has a history of winning big and I’m impressed he looks at such small details.  He collaborated with Lightning Fitness Wear to come up with the design and the girls were off and running.

The team’s look also drew many compliments from their competitors and the winning records certainly speak loudly.  Look for a lot more track teams to adopt the skort this fall.  I prefer running in skorts to shorts, capris, or full length pants.  I just think it’s kinda fun and I can move around better.  I too am a little body conscious and I don’t want someone staring at my butt as I chug on by.

What do you think?  Would you want to try a skort?  Do you prefer to run in one?