A 30-Day Challenge: Want to Join Me?

We’re closing winter and heading into the easier months.  The months where moving around outside is a pleasure, beaches beckon, and trails surround us with leafy comfort.  We might also be contemplating how those shorts look on us coming out of the winter!

What if we gave ourselves a 30-day challenge?

There are lots of extreme challenges out there … extreme diet or exercise plans where you stridently torture yourself down a dress size or two while ignoring family and friends, pleas for balance, and maybe a little attention.

I’d like to go a little lighter … I’m thinking more like borrowing a little bit from Lent.  What small thing would you change / give up / or add to your busy life to make it a little better?

Here are some ideas …

  • Walk 30 minutes per day
  • Ban elevators when you’re traveling less than five floors
  • Eat 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day
  • Ban soda from your life (for me this is Diet Coke and a constant struggle!)
  • Meditate daily
  • Write in a journal daily (could be for gratitude, food, exercise or whatever )
  • Call someone you love every day (community builds healthy living)
  • Eat at least two meals a day prepared by your own hand from scratch (frozen dinners don’t count!)

I’m doing it … does anyone else want to join me? Let’s come up with one small change and incorporate it into our lives so it becomes second nature.  You can be ambitious and do more than one!

Me, I’m going for meditate daily.  I have only mastered sporadic meditation — I’m lucky if I get three times in per month — but I know how much it helps me be calm and creative and has a halo effect on all other areas of my life.  Because I’ve struggled with it so much I’m going to just commit to that one thing.

We’re starting on Monday, April 11th.  Who’s with me?  I’ll post a thread every day where we can share our journeys and find a little support, humor, and advice.

If you’d like to participate, share your 30-day commitment below and put down what you’ll need to prepare for our little adventure.  This should be fun!