You Tube Fitness: Is Online Video Really Helpful?

I’ve been spending more time on my YouTube channel lately, adding videos, and talking about health and fitness. As I spend more time there, I’m realizing how much good information is available on YouTube.  I’ve been inspired, had a few good laughs, and even gotten some programming ideas for my clients. It’s definitely worth exploring!

Of course, like any forum where anyone has access to post information, there is a lot of questionable or just plain bad advice on there. A bunch of people (sometimes, very, very successful people) who don’t know what they’re doing are posting videos and I cringe at what they’re putting out.  But hunt around and you’ll find some gems.

YouTube Channels I Like

Sarah’s Fab Channel. I’m a big fan and personal friend of Sarah’s.  I even had the honor of being in her very first video ever(!) so it’s no surprise I love her channel. Sarah is smart and really great at debunking silly fitness marketing ideas and showing her viewers safe, effective workouts.

Blogilates.  Cassie Ho is a Stott-certified Pilates instructor (like me) and has a great YouTube channel.  She mixes in cardio, Pilates, and straight weight training workouts to keep her viewers engaged.  Cassie has a cult-like following and is just a warm-hearted, upbeat person who truly cares about her viewers.  Check her out.  (One bit of warning: she works mostly at an intermediate to advanced level so make sure you’re ready to try her videos and adjust as needed if something seems too hard for you.)

Jill Hanner.  Jill cracks me up.  Her newly launched channel is all about health and fitness with a healthy dose of zaniness.  She talks about healthy recipes, shows workouts (beginner-plus to intermediate mostly), and has no problem doing just about anything on camera.  I find her great for a laugh as well as some perspective on the silly things we all do to stay in shape.

Scott Herman Fitness.  I like Scott a lot; he has great form and is also great at cueing. Scott is all about smart, effective workouts, and with 700+ videos, he covers everything from basic moves to really advanced stuff.  He also has a great sense of humor and, like Jill, has no problem poking fun at himself where appropriate.

Angry Trainer Fitness.  Alfonso Moretti is a trainer’s trainer.  I’ve actually worked with him in real life and he totally kicked my ass! Alfonso is so smart, knows his stuff cold, and gives great great cues for people at every level.  His YouTube channel is definitely growing, but check out what he has to offer.  His talent is taking weight training and bootcamp style exercises and making sure you’re pushing yourself hard enough to get cardio benefits as well.  A two-fer, if you will …

Lisa Johnson Fitness.  Finally, ahem, there’s mine. Right now it’s a combination of fitness news, interviews, and a few workouts (more workouts are being added very soon!).  If you want to know What is Pilates? or my Hollywood arms workout, please feel free to check it out.

If you’re a YouTube regular let me know what channels you like in the comments below and I promise to check them out!  And let me know what you think of the channels above!