What Athletes Can Teach Us About Fitness

Watching the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup last night reminded me of all that is good about being an athlete.  It’s hard not to be in awe of how athletes control their bodies and make them do amazing things.  We can learn a lot from them.

What They Do Right

Athletes push themselves for high paychecks and a lot of glory by maintaining peak conditioning.  There’s a lot they do right …

No excuse workouts.  They don’t come up with a lot of excuses for dodging a workout.  They just do it.  They know they have to stay fit to continue performing and they put their time in at the gym to make sure they stay there.

They listen to their trainers. No pro makes it without help.  They learn early on, when they’re still kids, to listen to their coaches and trust them to get to the next level.  It’s the coaches that shape the talent and instill the discipline to get them to the pro level.

They eat well. Very few athletes eat junk, instead a platoon of nutritionists help them fine tune their nutrition so they’re performing at their optimal levels.  That means a good balance of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins and not a lot of junk food.

They get enough rest.  Sleep is crucial for recovery from intense workouts.  Top athletes know they need rest so their bodies can heal from tough workouts and games.  It’s as important as the time they put into training.

Doesn’t this list sound suspiciously what we all should be doing to live healthier lives?  Yes, yes it does!  To be sure, athletes are prone to injury, overtraining, and I don’t even want to get into the abuse of performance enhancing drugs. The majority of what athletes do right though is what keeps them at the top of their games.  We can learn a lot from them.

Does this give you a little boost to your workout?  Is there a particular athlete who inspires you?  What do you need to do more of in your own workouts?