The Worst Gym Attire Ever!

I’m sure it’s not you, dear reader, we are a sophisticated set here at this blog.  We care deeply enough about what’s in our bodies that we seek out good information all the time so, of course, we wouldn’t wear any scraggly old thing to the gym right?

Here’s what drives me nuts …

Bras that don’t fit. Maybe the guys would disagree here but watching some poor women almost knock her eyes out because her sports bra is 20 years old and doing absolutely nothing for her is just sad and probably painful.

Bulging in a bad way. OK, maybe you used to have a 32 inch waist or a size 8 tushie but those days are long gone.  Yes, lycra stretches, but there are limits people.  When you look like a sausage, just take it off and do vow to do more cardio.

Things that smell. Working up a sweat in a gym is a given but I can tell when you’ve been using the same outfit all week because you reek. It’s disgusting, do you think you’ll ever get a glance from that hot personality on the treadmill next to you.

Things with holes. I’m just gonna say this.  If there’s a hole in your crotch why wear it to the gym?  Think of all the ways you’re going to be moving and all the people glancing about.  You think the inner/outer thigh machine is going to hide that?  No one’s gonna notice in a Zumba class?  Please, please spare us the crotch shots.

Way too trendy. I’m definitely guilty of a Lululemon fixation but please don’t wear head to toe designer everything!  Mix it up a bit.  A cute top here, a stylish hoodie there, it doesn’t have to be you spray painted with Nike from head to toe.  (Sidenote:  I’m totally jealous of all the women who can pull off those adorable headbands … they look ridiculous on me!)

T shirt abuse. Ripping off arms and collars might have been cool on Venice Beach in the 1980s but it’s sooo over.  While I’m on the subject, if it’s grey, but it used to be white toss it in the rag pile.  Also wearing a running or other sporting accolade T shirt is cool.  Wearing some sort of accolade T shirt every time you walk in the gym is showing off.

So what bugs you about gym outfits?  Do leg warmers make you itch? Do you rue the guy in your spin class with the butt crack?  What drives you nuts?