The Smarter Science of Slim: Thoughts on Week 6

I’ve just finished my last week following The Smarter Science of Slim™ program from Jonathan Bailor.  I’m glad I found this book and I’m glad I had the chance to meet Jonathan and see his passion for helping people to live more healthfully.  It’s definitely something we share.

On The Smarter Science of Slim plan, I’ve lost five pounds and 4.5″ inches in six weeks (affiliate link).  It’s not an “Oh wow, she lost that much?” kind of number, but I’m noticeably thinner, my skin looks great, and I’m sleeping like a log.  I’ve ditched almost all added sugar, weaned myself off Diet Coke (again), and been very consistent eating healthy meals with protein at each one.

I’ve found the two workouts a week to be more of a mental challenge than a physical one.  I definitely have to psych myself up for them so I find getting them out of the way early in the week is better for me.  They are hard!  I shake like a leaf, but I’m proud of myself afterwards.

Being freed up from having to exercise outside of the two Bailor sessions has actually caused me to move more.  I don’t feel as obligated to do cardio so I’m walking more.  I’m playing with my hoop more and I mean playing … I just take it out, hoop for a few minutes, practice a trick or two, and just relax.  Of everything, that has been the best gift of this whole experience and something I will keep appreciating.

Can I do this for life? Yes, most definitely.  Am I happy I finally found a system that works for me?  Unbelievably relieved.  Just think how much more mental energy I’ll have by not having to think about if my clothes will fit or not.  That’s pretty awesome.

So I’m done with my blog experiment, but not with The Smarter Science of Slim.  I plan on hanging out on their Facebook page and on their forums and picking up recipes and maybe a friend or two.

And Jonathan, thanks for being the outsider who poked a stick at the establishment and put together a comprehensive program that can be adapted to just about everyone.  Thanks for spelling it out in plain English with 1,000 studies to back you up.  I hope that we’ll remain friends too.