Solo Workouts: Do You Need to Step It Up?

I was given a visceral reminder of slacking off this past weekend when I attended a Spin class.  Now, I have a Spin bike in my house and I happily pedal away on a regular basis, usually while watching TV.  I do sprints, I do hill climbs, I do jumps, the whole she-bang.  Even so, taking someone else’s Spin class absolutely kicked my tushie!

I’m a fairly self-motivated exerciser.  I love to move and I’ll do it whenever I can slide in a few minutes here and there.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is I still don’t push myself as hard as someone else does.  Someone who sees my potential and forces me to use it all.  Did I mention I looked like I had taken a shower with my clothes on by the end of Spinning?

Yep, that was a wake-up call.

If you are a self-motivated exerciser, are you working out as hard as you could be? Do you need to check-in with a coach or trainer to make sure you’re giving it your all?  Here are some ideas …

  • Take a group class to hone your skills and learn some new ones. During my cycling class, I learned a cool arm move on the bike that I hadn’t done before. I’ll definitely be bringing that one home with me.
  • Hire a trainer for a session or two. You have likely gotten lazy with form and you probably also need some adjustments to your overall training regimen.  Maybe some higher weights or a few new moves to wake your body up a bit.
  • Inspiration is everywhere. Perhaps a book or a DVD will give you some new ideas.  If you’re passionate about your particular sport, maybe even try a certification course.  Even if you don’t plan to teach others, getting the view from the other side of the training relationship will give you lots to think about.

I’m going back to that Spin class on a regular basis so I can stay fresh, and I’ve signed up for some more training credits for my Pilates certification.  I know both will help me and I’ll be able to pass that knowledge along to those around me too.  Always a good thing, right?

What have you done with your routine to shake it up lately?