New Study: Diet Pills Don’t Work

A recent study that looked at nine different dietary supplements has declared all of them ineffective.

Yup, there is no magic bullet people.  But you knew that already, I know you did.

Researchers in Germany tested nine different pills in one of the most rigorous studies conducted to date.  The pills make various claims from blocking carbs to burning fat to increasing metabolism.  They compared each of them to placebos.

The placebos were just as effective as all nine pills.

I know, it would be so easy if we could just swallow something and be skinny.  Trust me, I wish I could do it too.  But we are all, sadly, out of luck.

According to WebMD about $3 billion a year is spent on weight loss supplements in Europe and the US combined.  That’s a lot of money that could be spent on new sneakers and health club memberships.

Here are some ideas if you’d like to lose weight …

Hope they help.  Have you tried diet supplements in the past?  Did you find them useful, harmful, or irrelevant?