“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” Returns: Look Out L.A.

ABC confirmed today that it will bring back “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution for a second season.  This time the show will be based in Los Angeles.

“Food Revolution” is set for six episodes and will premiere later this fall.  Jamie creates a feel good show, focusing on getting ordinary folks who are battling obesity to live healthier lives.  It was so inspiring that it won it’s time slot when it debuted and even garnered an Emmy for Outstanding Reality Programming.

I look forward to seeing the juxtaposition of Hollywood glamour with the reality of most Angelenos.  One of Jamie’s strengths is compassion for the people he comes in contact with.  He truly cares and tries to get the message across as painlessly as possible that obesity can kill you.  Last season’s show featured mass cooking demonstrations, jousting with local radio hosts, a flash mob dance scene, and lots of hugs and tears.

Yes, I’m a fan of the show and am very happy it’s back.  Jamie Oliver has been helping to highlight the U.S. obesity problem; now, four months after the show aired, I believe we’re close to a tipping point of people actively trying to improve their health and I believe another season will only help the momentum.

How did you feel about Jamie’s show last season?  Are you happy he’s back again?  Do you think being British helps or hurts him as he spreads his message?

Love to hear your thoughts. For more Jamie info click here.