Hi There, I’m Lisa & I Write a Fitness Blog

Hey there … I’m Lisa.  I do this fitness blog thing.  I started blogging because since I started working in the fitness industry in 1997 I’ve been answering the same questions over and over again.  I figured there should be a place where people can find good, reliable information from someone in the field and feel safe following that advice.  I’m passionate about making people feel healthy.  It’s actually a really big deal for me.  My best days are when my clients give me hugs because they’re so happy with how they’re feeling or when I write a post and someone tells me how it inspired them.

I also have zero tolerance for idiots in the fitness industry.  Harsh, I know, but when I see someone pushing diet pills or unsafe workouts it gets to me.  I can’t stand celebrities who are gifted with fabulous DNA but don’t actually have any knowledge of how the body works who are pushing some contraption that they’d like to make a million dollars from.

But fitness needs balance, so I have categories on my blog besides the usual suspects of fitness and nutrition.  I also cover gadgets (fitness gizmos that actually will help you live more healthfully) and happiness (covering everything from meditation to chilling out on the weekends to finding a great workout that you’ll love) and also humor (let’s face it, funny things happen when you’re trying to get fit; it’s best to just have a sense of humor about it and laugh at yourself if need be).

Here are some of my most popular stories to give you an idea of how I write.  Thanks for checking me out.

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