Fitness Mantras: Why they work

I was toggling around Pinterest and, being a fitness person, my stream is filled with tons and tons of “inspirational quotes.”  Honestly, my eyes glaze over and they barely register for me. But the one to the right did.  This one stuck with me and it keeps reminding me of the bigger goals. (By the way, please feel free to follow me on Pinterest!)

Most recently this has helped when I’ve been dying for an ice cream cone, but have, say, a big fitness video shoot scheduled for a couple of weeks from now.

But this quote also helps me overcome a draggy afternoon when a nap seems more appealing than a workout. Or as a way to talk myself into doing admin tasks for my business that I keep putting off.

The thing about mantras is they are 100% personal.  What I think is cliche, someone else might tape to their fridge.  If my mantra works for you, great, but don’t worry if it doesn’t. Just go find your own mantra that helps get you from point A to point B. Then feel free to change it regularly as needed.  I sometimes find they can lose their charm after a while and a new boost is needed.

If you’re a tad impulsive like I am, my determination mantra might work for a long time! I’m seriously thinking of making T-shirts with this saying on it.

Here’s why mantras are actually kind of awesome.  They can …

  • give you a touchstone in a tough situation
  • remind you of your goals
  • help you diffuse negative emotions
  • provide a lift when you need it most

Go ahead and try it! Head on over to Pinterest or peruse your Facebook stream and see if something inspires you. If so, grab the image and pull it onto your desktop. Maybe even print it out for your fridge.  I’d love to hear what sayings work for you.  🙂