7 Fastest Electric Scooter In The World

In today’s world, time has become such a valuable commodity. For this reason, the ability to easily and quickly move around from one location to another is important. One of the novelist solutions to this dilemma is an electric scooter. They are not only fast and portable but also small and light. The icing on the cake is that riding them is more than fun.

If traffic jams or train schedules give you a headache, the solution might be in an e-scooter.

In this primer, we’ll have a look at the best electric scooters in the market today, and a host of other pieces of information that will make owning your preferred scooter easier.

How To Ride An Electric Scooter Safely

Due to the rising number of e-scooter accidents, the CDC launched a study of the same a couple of months ago. To be safe, it is important to know to ride them safely.

While they are easy to use, just like a bicycle, riding a fast scooter takes time to get used to. The last thing you want is to drop your brand new machine on your maiden day on the street. Are you a beginner? Has it been ages since you rode an electric scooter?

First off, you need a safe environment to practice. The ideal place ought to be large and with little or no traffic. Secondly, it needs to have uneven terrain.

Here are some basic steps:

  1. To ride, flip your scooter’s latch. Unlock the scooter, and raise it in an upright position.
  2. Press your scooter’s switch to power it on.
  3. On the machine’s handlebars, there is a handbrake. Because most scooter brakes tend to be sensitive, be gentle. Go easy until you are familiar with the new scooter.
  4. To reduce or increase the power of the scooter, you will use the throttle. To set the ball rolling, hit the throttle and you are off.
  5. If you have reached your destination, always remember to power off the scooter off.

Regardless of who you are with, you need to wear a helmet. It is important to protect your head each time you are reading your electric scooter. The Pro-Tec Full Coverage Helmet is one of the best helmets in the market today. It comes with a moisture-wicking liner and an extensive vent system to ensure you remain safe and comfortable during your ride.

In addition to the headgear, you need to have protective clothing that covers your legs and arms. If you are a kid or a beginner, it is wise to ear elbow and kneepads to protect you in case of a fall.

When it comes to charging, you need to make sure that your scooter is fully charged. Learn how to charge your scooter by passing through the user’s manual. While some models need an hour or so of charging, others need to charge overtime,

What about brakes? You must understand how sensitive your prospective scooter’s brake system is.

In terms of pacing yourself, chances are high that you are tempted to rep up the throttle and establish what your scooter is all about. Nevertheless, before you are confident about riding and testing your machine’s riding abilities, you must learn how your scooter works.

Something You Should Know Before Buying

What does the law say about e-scooters?

Are you wondering whether your intended purchase is street legal? The specifics might vary in the details in almost all jurisdictions. Therefore, provided your electric scooter meets all legal road requirements, it is considered street legal. The only exception is in the state of New York. Missing the following can land you a fine of $500 in this state:

  • Power steering
  • Brake lights
  • Signal lights
  • Headlights
  • A horn
  • A rearview mirror
  • The right tires
  • A suspension system

The most important thing to know about the law around e-scooters is not consistent between all countries and states.

Who are electric scooters best suited for?

Conventionally, most people view an electric scooter as a toy for kids. Although electric scooters for kids are available on the market, the ones we have featured on this primer are better off with adults due to their fast nature. E-scooters are handy for many adults to help with the daily commute. Due to their portable nature, folding them is a walk in the park.

There’s more to these scooters than just commuting. Some models are ideal for performing tricks, sporting and even trail riding.

Electric scooter cost

Well, because they come in an array of styles featuring different tech and performance specs, they range in price. Some come in a couple of hundred dollars while others can skyrocket to excess of thousands of dollars. Naturally, the cost of a scooter mainly depends on exactly what you desire from a model.

If you want a scooter within a low range, lower maximum speed, and bare bone tech, then it is possible to get one with just a few hundred dollars.

Those with the ability to hit 40 miles per charge or top speeds of more than 30 mph as well as other features such as sophisticated suspension, hydraulic brakes and fancy displays, can be costly.

Of great importance to note is that in terms of e-scooter cost, because of the rapid evolvement of electric tech, a product might be expensive today then devalue in the next couple of months. With huge advances in the efficiency of electric motors and battery life, we can state without fear of contradiction that some of today’s top models will be eclipsed by most of the tomorrows. Prices will fluctuate accordingly.

The Xiaomi Mi not included, why?

There is no doubt that the impressive Xiaomi Mi electric scooter is among the most widely used and famous models today. While that is the case, it is one of the fastest. So what do you get by buying it? It is not only cool but also a highly powerful little machine. It offers an equally great performance such as approximately 18.6 miles in terms of max range and 15.5 mph when it comes to maximum speed.

7 Fastest Electric Scooter We Recommend

NANROBOT D4+ Scooter

NANROBOT D4+ Scooter

With all due respect, this is the Usain Bolt of e-scooters out there. Why do we say so? Your average scooter is capable of hitting speeds of only 6 MPH to slightly over 20 MPH. This powerful scooter is capable of taking you 2-6 times faster. Oh yes, it is that blazing fast.

When zapping around town, you feel as though you are flying.

It fits perfectly into the trunk or boot of your car. Riding at night? Its bright headlight is handy at night. It makes it effortless to see the road ahead to avoid any obstacles along the way.

This scooter’s super wide range per single charge is perhaps one of the most impressive attributes about it, that is, in addition to its impressive speed. With a single charge of roughly 5-8 hours, it is possible to travel around a radius of close to 45 miles. When you compare this with the average scooters, it is 2-4 times further. Part of what gives the bike this ability is its 2000W motor as well as its integrated 52v battery system.

The only drawback we noticed about it is the fact that you will have to wait for a longer period (max 15 days) for your scooter to arrive.


  • Super durable
  • Portable
  • Fast
  • Long-range per charge
  • Emergency braking


  • Longer shipping period

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter

When it comes to scooters, no company is known to set new standards better than Dualtron. The long-range, capability and quality that the Dualtron Thunder boasts is unmatched. In terms of top speed, it clocks 50mph.

If you are looking for a gorgeous scooter, then you need to settle on this one. Its performance is almost comparable with gas-powered bikes. Therefore, it is only natural that its price is similar.

This scooter’s dual motors produce a max wattage of 54000w, which makes it ideal for any kind of terrain or slope. While it is heavy or rather heavier compared to others in this list, it is advantageous as it offers more stability.


  • Strong build quality
  • Stable
  • Fast
  • Comfortable


  • Heavy

NanRobot LS7 Scooter

NanRobot LS7 Scooter

This scooter clocks a top speed of 52mph. Twin 1800W motors at both the rear and front wheels power the bike. With the all-wheel-drive mode, the LS7 is capable of achieving speeds that most people consider over the limits in many small neighborhoods.

Its folding mechanism makes it effortless to unfold and fold it within seconds. It weighs around 84lbs. This weight can be a little bit challenging for one individual to lift, meaning it is not a portable model.

The fact that it clocks such high speeds means that it must be endowed with an array of safety features as well as a reliable braking system. In these departments, it did not disappoint. It features a rear and front hydraulic disk braking system coupled with an electronic braking system to steadily slow down the scooter just in case of an emergency braking.

On top of that, the scooter has 11-inch pneumatic tires as well as an effective rubber shock dampening system to offer excellent shock absorption. They also provide the scooter with an out of this world anti-slip capability in case you are riding on wet surfaces or bumpy terrain.


  • Excellent shock absorption
  • An impressive braking system
  • Lightning fast


  • Heavy

Qiewa Q1 Hummer

Qiewa Q1 Hummer

If Marvel’s Ant-Man and Black Panther were to combine, then this electric scooter would be their ideal representation. It is fast.

You should not underestimate its mid-sized frame and lightweight nature too. This is the aspect that it knocks the NANROBOT hands down. It boasts the ability to hold close to 550 lbs. That is a representation of 10 times its weight – just like the tiniest of ants can carry almost 10-50 times its weight. Isn’t it incredible?

When using it, you do not have to go overboard. It is a terrible idea to try to soak your bike in water simply because you want to test its resistance.

If you are a thrill and speed seeker, then you need to try out this amazing scooter.


  • Stylish design
  • Water-resistant IP65
  • High max load
  • Portable
  • Very fast


  • Throttle control has room for improvement

eDrift UH-ES295

eDrift UH-ES295

Ever tried to ride the cool and powerful Harley Davidson bikes? In one or another way, it looks modern and clean.

With this e-scooter, you can clock impressive speeds of up to 30 mph. Quite striking, right? Two adults can comfortably enjoy a ride on the bike. Depending on your weight and preferred riding terrains, there might be some variations in terms of speed.

When riding at higher speeds and over bumpy spots, you might jump out of the bike’s seat a little. The solution to this is either placing a cushion on your seat or deflating the tires a little bit.

Partly depending on the terrain, it is possible the hit a distance of as far as 40-65 miles on just a single charge of 6-8 hours. This is impressive. You can use this bike to head to downtown, grocery stores, movie theatres, local restaurants, and many other places. Do so reliably and comfortably for weeks, months and even a couple of years.


  • Strong motor
  • Rugged braking system
  • Cool design
  • Very fast


Comes in only 2 colors



Are you frustrated by your Uber guy arriving late and/or driving too slow? Well, worry no more. UberScoot is one of the most popular manufacturers of high-quality scooters. This one is not an exception.

The fact that it uses SLA (sealed lead acid) battery rather than the lithium-ion battery is one of the reasons that make it stand out from the others featured on this list. SLA is among the oldest rechargeable batteries that date back to the nineteenth century. So what advantage does this battery boast over the rest?

Well, for starters, it can deliver a powerful jolt of electricity at once. Secondly, it is long-lasting.

The thing about this scooter is the fact that you will ride fast but safely. Its extra-wide wheels are a major selling point of this machine. To be exact, they are 11 inches.


  • Easy to control
  • Safe braking system
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • High performance


  • Somewhat heavy

Super Turbo 1000W Elite

Super Turbo 1000W Elite

The Super Turbo 1000W Elite boasts a maximum speed of 27 mph. It clicks a maximum range of 20 miles and weighs 75 lbs. Although its power means that it’s possible to travel off-road using it, chances are high that you’ll probably use it more on your daily commute.

It comes with 10.5’’ tires, shock absorbers on the rear and front as well as a heavy-duty chain. With such a combination, regardless of the terrain, you will be traveling on; this e-scooter guarantees an incredibly smooth ride. The scooter gives you an option of choosing between various drive modes. Choose either a turbo or an eco-mode.

The turbo mode is the best choice if you are traveling off-road. The mode does not have limitation in terms of speed. If you desire to travel on a smooth terrain such as in the city, the eco mode is an excellent choice.

We loved this scooter because of its well-built nature. For this reason, you stand to enjoy years and years of service. Secondly, every part is replaceable. It does not take ages to hold of its replacements.

If you have any trouble sourcing replacing parts with your local area, then you can always give the company a call.


  • Readily available replacement parts
  • Various riding modes to choose from
  • Smooth riding experience


  • Heavy

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