Top 30 Best CrossFit Shoes for Men

When it comes to CrossFit, the right pair of shoes can make a world of difference. Shuttling between HIIT exercises and boundary-pushing, olympic-style weight training requires durable footwear with plenty of grip and a lot of stability.

Which – let’s face it – you’re not going to find in a pair of everyday running shoes.

And shaving a few extra seconds off your WOD time? Well, that requires something extra-special: Something that’ll cope with the rigors of rope-climbing or fast, 100m sprints and still let you spring off the floor for those (all-important) box jumps.

Finding this sort of shoe certainly isn’t easy. Particularly if you’re new to the sport and/or don’t spend a lot of time reading about sneaker technology.

To help you out, we’ve put together this list of the 30 best crossfit shoes from men:

1. Vibram Men’s V-Train Cross-Trainer Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Unique, 5-finger design for better grip, traction and gait
  • Rope traction lugs built into the arch
  • Molded tc-1 rubber midsole offers enhanced foot protection

A totally unique, five-finger shoe, the Vibram V-Train is an incredibly good fit for most WODs or high-intensity workouts. As long as you can get used to the design.

Their low-profile (2mm) soles offer minimal protection, but they make up for that by enhancing your proprioception, balance and grip

In fact, The Vibram V-Train’s unique tread design delivers sure-footed grip in all directions, which is great for exercises that involve a lot of lateral movement

They are also one of the few shoes that’ll help to improve your gait, which is ideal if you do a lot of running.

Oh, and they have special rope traction lugs in arch, for better grip while rope climbing.

Do take care when purchasing these shoes though: Their unique design means that their fits run very large, and you’ll probably need to order something that’s 2 sizes down from your normal CrossFit shoes.

2. Nordic Lifting Venja 1 Men’s Sneakers


Why We Like It

  • Ergonomic design, to maximize weight-training gains
  • Wide & hard sole for improved stability while lifting
  • Reinforced heel for better balance under heavy weights
A thick, comfortable shoe that offers plenty of support, the Venja 1 is designed for weight lifting.

This means it has a particularly hard sole and a raised heel that’ll improve the depth of your squats and keep you nice and balanced under super-heavy weights.

The Venja 1 is incredibly breathable too, which is great for those high-intensity lifting sessions – especially when you’re running hot, and need to eke out a few more reps to smash your target…

All in all, we think this excellent sneaker one of the best men’s CrossFit shoes for any (and all) weight-training activities.

Unfortunately they’re not particularly flexible and they don’t have much grip, which means that they’re not the best shoes for running; climbing or jumping up and down.

If you’re doing a lot of mixed CrossFit activities, you might want to keep a second pair of shoes close to hand.

3. Under Armour Men’s Charged Ultimate 2.0 Cross Trainer Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Durable and lightweight mesh upper that provides enhanced ventilation, and keeps your feet feeling cool/dry
  • External heel counter for added stability while lifting weights
  • Cushioned midsole, for enhanced spring and better performance while running
Light-weight and (incredibly) breathable, these cross training shoes have a low profile and an external heel counter that add tones of extra stability, making them a great fit for lifting/weight training exercises.

They’re also surprisingly flexible; boasting deep, vertical flex grooves and a synthetic mesh construction that makes them an absolute joy to run in.

Oh, and they have extra arch support, which is super-helpful if you’re doing a lot of high intensity, lateral movement.

We thought these shoes were great all-rounders, and some of the best CrossFit shoes for men.

The only (minor) downside is the strange, super-snug burrito tongue design. This tongue design definitely took some getting used to, so prepare to break these sneakers in for a bit before they feel 100% natural.

4. Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave


Why We Like It

  • Lightweight and breathable NanoWeave upper
  • Wide toe box for enhanced stability/balance
  • Low-profile sole with minimal drop outsole
Another, custom-built shoe from Reebok’s CrossFit range, the Nano 8.0 is a fantastic all-rounder that’ll cushion your feet during high-intensity workouts, and provide a stable foundation for weight lifting activities.

Its fully flexible and incredibly light, which is great for those HIIT activities, and it also has a wide toe that allows you to splay your feet for better balance during those explosive lifts.

The Nano 8.0 has a reinforced heel too, which is a must-have for those free weight exercises, and we’ll be the first to admit that it’s a great wingman for those boundary-pushing and super-varied WODs.

The only downside? They tend to run quite wide, which means they’re not a great fit for those of us with narrow feet. They’re also not the most aesthetically pleasing shoe, despite the fact that they come in a huge variety of different colorways.

5. Vivobarefoot Men’s Motu Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Reinforced, midsole trap for lateral support
  • Thin, flexible soles for a barefoot feel
  • Rugged and hard wearing construction
A minimalist shoe that’s designed to give you a barefoot feel, the Motu has a super-thin sole and a wrap-around design that’s designed to enhance performance during those super-intense CrossFit Sessions.

This unique design certainly feels lightweight and free, so if you’re sick of clunky CrossFit shoes and want a more natural experience, they’re definitely worth a shot.

They’re well supported and comfortable to wear and they do allow for easy lateral movement.

That said, the lack of heel clip or cushioned sole means that they’ll struggle to compete with a more specialized shoe.

So if you’re trying to shave a few extra seconds off your WOD, you might want to try a more traditional shoe.

6. Reebok Men’s CrossFit Sprint 2.0 SBL Training Shoe


Reebok Men’s CrossFit Sprint 2.0 SBL Training Shoe

Why We Like It

  • Heat-activated U-Form midfoot wrap that molds to your foot
  • Anti-friction lining that keeps your feet cool and dry
  • Durable, rubber sole for added flex and support
Reebok’s Sprint 2.0 training shoes are definitely some of the most comfortable CrossFit shoes that we trialed.

They boast a heat-activated midfoot wrap that conforms to the shape of your foot as soon as you warm them up, which means that they’ll always offer you plenty of support and cushioning.

These high-performance sneakers also have an anti-friction lining that keeps your feet cool and dry during high-intensity training sessions (aka any CrossFit session ever) and their traditional, lace-up front means you have total control over the final fit.

The Sprint 2.0s perform well too: The 100% rubber soles provide plenty of bounce – without robbing you of the stability needed to lift weights – and they’re durable enough to withstand regular training sessions.

The only slight downside is their narrow fit, and some people also report that they run up to half a size small, which means you might end up returning your first pair.

7. Reebok CrossFit Transition


Why We Like It

  • Open weave, mesh upper for added breathability
  • Hard rubber sole for added stability
  • midfoot strap for an uncompromising and snug fit
A tough shoe with a surprisingly versatile design, the Transition is one of the best men’s CrossFit shoes for HIIT training and weightlifting exercises.

Its wide fit and hard, rubber sole provide a nice, stable platform – so that you can spring upwards during those explosive lifts.

We really liked the extra midfoot strap as well. Despite its unconventional design and chunky aesthetics, it helps to keep the shoe tight against your foot during box jumps, rope climbing challenges and other, high-intensity exercises.

All in all, we think they’re a great buy for anyone who’s getting into CrossFit, and wants a good all-rounder.

Sadly, the Transition is too rigid and heavy for running, so you’ll definitely want to invest in a second pair of CrossFit shoes if you’re going to compete in WODs.

8. Inov-8 Men’s F-LITE 275 Cross Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • ROPE-TEC system that’s designed to deliver traction and durability on rope climbs
  • industry-leading StickyGrip rubber for extra traction in the forefoot
  • Cushioned rubber sole and reinforced power heel for versatile performance
A brand-new shoe with all the mod-cons, Inov-8’s F-Lite 275 is basically purpose built for CrossFit, and we have to admit it’s an outstanding choice for anyone who’s serious about smashing their training targets.

A thick, springy sole and unique, StickyGrip technology give it A+ performance on the running track, and its reinforced power heel makes it a great aid to weight lifting too. Particularly if you’re trying to achieve those super-deep squats…

Better still, the F-Lite 275 is fully breathable, and boasts a unique ROPE-TEC system that’s designed to increase your grip during (you guessed it) rope climbing exercises, making this shoe a great fit for any CrossFit training session.

In a word? Brilliant. We’d be hard-pressed to pick a better all-rounder.

9. Nike Men’s Free x Metcon Cross Trainer Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Premium rubber outsole with deep grooves, for enhanced flex & expansion while running
  • Reinforced heel for added stability while lifting
  • Lace-up adjustability with Flywire cables for a super-snug fit
Offering a super-snug fit and plenty of support, Nike’s Free x Metcon shoes are some of the best shoes for CrossFit training, particularly if you’re prioritizing comfort and stability.

Their ankle-high design and flywire cables help to keep them locked tight to your feet during box jumps, short sprints and other HIIT activities.

They’re fully breathable too, and we’ll be the first to admit that we were (pleasantly) surprised by their performance.

A thick, cushioned sole with vertical flex grooves ensures that they support your feet while you’re running, and the heel offers plenty of extra support too.

If you’re looking for a good all-rounder that’ll support you during super-intense WODs, this may well be the shoe for you.

The only slight downside? Some people do find it a bit bulky/heavy, but that’s mainly a matter of personal taste…

10. Reebok Men’s CrossFit Nano 4.0 Cross Training Shoe

Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 4.0 Cross Trainer

Why We Like It

  • DuraCage technology delivers an indestructible yet lightweight upper
  • RopePro protection wrap gives bite and support during rope climbs
  • Shock absorption in the forefoot and heel for comfort during any workout
Old but gold, the Nano 4.0 is one of the best cross-training shoes ever made, and it definitely deserves a place on this list.

It offers tones of lateral support, and its’ hard, rubber sole boasts unique shock-absorbing technology that’ll keep you nice and comfortable during high-intensity workouts.

The Nano 4.0s makes use of Reebok’s cutting-edge, RopePro technology too – offering superior bite during rope climbing exercises, and allowing you to transition across a variety of different CrossFit exercises without missing a beat.

The only (slight) downside is the lack of heel support, which makes them a sub-standard choice for high-intensity, weight training exercises.

But, you can easily switch shoes before you start lifting, and we still think these top-end CrossFit shoes are a bit of a must-have.

11. Reebok Men’s CrossFit Speed TR Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • 100% synthetic weave for extra durability
  • Ultra soft, compression-molded midsole
  • Metasplit flex grooves on outsole
Purpose-built for CrossFit training, these versatile shoes are an excellent choice for WODs or high-intensity workouts.

They offer plenty of lateral support – which is must for zig-zagging – and they have a nice, thick sole that’ll  keep you grounded during weight lifting exercises.

That’s not to say the CrossFit Speed TRs are rigid or inflexible though.

Thanks to the addition of metasplit flex grooves on the outsole, we found that these top-tier CrossFit shoes will still let your foot move naturally while running, walking or jumping – making them a great, all-round shoe for most CrossFit sessions.

The only slight downside is their tendency to run a little large.

Some people do find that they tend to wear out quite quickly too – particularly the mesh on the front of the toe – but we haven’t noticed any problems in this area, despite weeks of heavy use.

12. Reebok Men’s Speed TR Flexweave Cross Trainer

Reebok Men’s Speed TR Flexweave Cross Trainer

Why We Like It

  • Unique, FlexWeave upper provides targeted support and ventilation
  • Rubber outsole for enhanced traction and durability
  • Flex grooves on outsole
A lightweight and flexible trainer with plenty of give, the Speed TR is a great fit for HIIT exercises and indoor training sessions.

Its unique, FlexWeave construction allows it to conform to your foot, and we’ll be the first to admit that it’s an incredibly comfortable shoe.

Its hard sole makes it a good fit for light weight lifting sessions too, but it is worth noting that the Speed TR Flexweave lacks the heel support and cushioning needed for high-intensity activities (like your WODs).

If you’re looking for a light-weight all-rounder that’s durable, light and easy to wear, the Speed TR Flexweave is a great choice.

But if you’re looking for a high-performance shoe there are better options.

13. NOBULL Men’s Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Seamless, one-piece upper made from unique SuperFabric – for enhanced durability
  • Unique outsole lug pattern offers the perfect blend of flexibility, traction and support
  • Lightweight, breathable design
A no-nonsense shoe with a surprisingly lightweight design, the NOBULL sneaker is a great fit for demanding CrossFit sessions, particularly if you’re going to be swapping between lifts; box jumps, rope climbs and other high-intensity exercises.

The NOBULL also provides plenty of grip and its rubber sole is super-flexible which is great if you’re sprinting in short bursts, or doing a lot of lateral, zig-zagging movement.

The toe box is nice and wide too; providing a stable base for those all-important weight lifting challenges.

The only (slight) downside is the lack of reinforced heel, and the narrow fit.

That said, plenty of people are trading in their old Metcons for these versatile sneakers, and they’re definitely one of the best CrossFit shoes you’ll find on today’s market.

14. Reebok Men’s ROS Workout TR 2.0

Reebok Men’s ROS Workout TR 2.0

Why We Like It

  • Lightweight mesh upper for added breathability
  • 5 mm drop for enhanced performance
  • Multi-surface rubber outsole that offers plenty of support for weightlifting sessions
A sturdy and durable shoe, the ROS Workout TR 2.0 provides a nice, stable base that’s perfect for explosive lifts, and a great asset during high-intensity, free-weight training.

That’s not to say that these versatile shoes are a one-trick pony though: Thanks to Reebok’s dedicated design team, they’re also blessed with a flexible sole that offers plenty of grip.

As such, they make a great running shoe, particularly if you’re focusing on short sprints and other burst activities.

They’re a fantastic upgrade to your everyday training shoes and a brilliant choice for WODs. Just make sure you order the right size, because they do seem to run large.

15. Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0 Fitness Shoes

Reebok CrossFit Nano 7.0 Fitness Shoes

Why We Like It

  • Lightweight and breathable NanoWeave upper
  • Wide toe box for enhanced stability/balance
  • Low-profile sole with minimal drop outsole
Solid, well-structured and undeniably well-made, the Nano 7.0s are a weight lifter’s best friend.

They have a small heel-to-toe drop and an incredibly inflexible sole which allows them to provide a nice, solid foundation for weight-lifting activities.

These shoes are also incredibly well-balanced and their lightweight, FlexWeave upper stops keeps your feet cool and dry during those HIIT sessions which – let’s be honest – is exactly what you need for CrossFit.

These shoes do run narrow though, and they don’t have the flexibility of the Nano 80os, so if you’re going to be doing a lot of running, you’ll probably want to invest in another pair of backup sneakers.

16. Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 V2

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 V2 Fitness Athletic Sneaker

Why We Like It

  • Sticky grip rubber outsole for superior traction
  • Lightweight, minimalist design
  • Zero drop heel, for increased stability when weight lifting
A low-profile shoe with a wide toe box and a minimalist aesthetic, the Bare-XF 210 V2 is a versatile shoe that’s ideal for high-intensity CrossFit workouts.

Its solid rubber sole and zero-drop heel provide plenty of support, which is a must-have for exercises that demand explosive upwards motion.

They’re also breathable, which we loved, and they still have more than enough flex for short sprints.

Admittedly, they’re not ideal for long-distance running, but they’re well-suited to the varied and non-traditional workouts that make up the average WOD.

They also benefit from Inov-8’s unique Rope-Tec technology, which should make those grueling rope climbs a tiny bit easier…

17. Altra Men’s HIIT XT 1.5 Cross Trainer Shoe

Altra Men's HIIT XT 1.5 Cross Trainer Shoe

Why We Like It

  • Zero-drop profile for added stability
  • Breathable, reinforced upper for comfortable training
  • Solid, heavy-duty soles with plenty of grip
A recent upgrade to the ever-popular HIIT XTs, these zero-drop shoes are perfect for intensive workouts and varied CrossFit sessions.

They’ve got a completely flat sole, which makes them a great shoe for transitioning between weights and calisthenic exercises, and they offer plenty of support for your feet.

They’re also one of those rare shoes that provide plenty of toe room a good deal of flex. This might be sub-optimal in a purebred, weightlifting shoe, but it makes these versatile sneakers absolutely A+ for demanding sessions with your CrossFit buddies.

The only downside? A lot of people dislike the aesthetics of this simple (and relatively plain) shoe, but you could always swap out the laces for a pop of color…

18. Reebok Froning 1


Why We Like It

  • Toe Tection provides durability in the toe area for high intensity workouts
  • Multi-surface sole for traction on varied surfaces with forefoot flex grooves add flexibility
  • Low-cut design for added mobility
The Froning 1 is a cutting-edge shoe, fresh from Reebok’s design labs. It’s custom-built for CrossFit and it boasts a multi-purpose sole that transitions seamlessly from gym to road.

It’s also hands-down one of the most comfortable shoes we tried, and we’re a little bit in love with its (glove-like) fit.

Best of all though? This grippy little sneaker still has a nice, solid sole and a wide toe box, which makes it a great choice for weight-lifting exercises.

Oh, and the Toe Tection technology that Reebok has included? It really does make a world of difference when you’re on the treadmill.

If you’re looking for a great pair of all-rounders, these shoes are hard to beat. Just be aware that they’re quite new, and you won’t find many user reviews online.

19. Nike Men’s Metcon 4 Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Breathable upper with mesh panels, for a comfortable fit
  • Lace-up design for added comfort and security
  • Firm heel counter for extra support during HIITs
Nike’s Metcon 4 training shoes are one of the most popular CrossFit shoes in the world, and with good reason too.

They’re incredibly comfortable – boasting a molded footbed and a lace-up design that guarantees an effortlessly snug fit.

More importantly, they’re low profile, and they have a firm heel counter that’s tailor-made for wall exercises, weight lifting or balance-intensive HIITs.

The sole is still plenty flexible though, which is ideal if you’re throwing in some short sprints.

Our only complaint is the narrow sizing, and the lack of different colorways, but those are pretty small issues in the grand scheme of things…

20. Under Armour Men’s Speedform Feel Sneaker


Why We Like It

  • External heel counter for increased stability & heel lock-in
  • Full-length Micro G foam midsole provides plenty of cushioning
  • Full-rubber outsole for enhanced durability and grip
They might look a little strange, but we were seriously impressed when we tried these training shoes.

Their curved toe box and flexible heel has actually been tailor-made to allow for natural, downward movement during heavy lifts, and they’re a great choice for general calisthenics too.

They boast a special,  Micro G foam midsole that provides plenty of cushioning (and spring) but they’ve stapled on a chunky heel counter that provides a nice, stable platform for those high intensity WODs.

Best of all though? The full-rubber outsole wraps up to both sides, giving you lots of lateral grip (and a bit of a leg-up on those rope exercises). Hands-down some of the best CrossFit shoes we tried, and that’s saying something…

21. Nike Metcon Repper DSX Men’s Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Custom-built, CrossFit shoe designed for intense workouts that include heavy lifting, flexibility work, sprints and climbs
  • Flywire mid-foot technology helps lock the foot into place
  • Dual-density foam midsole provides cushioning and lasting support
Custom-built for CrossFit sessions, this versatile training shoe is perfect for those high-intensity WODs.

It boasts a Dual-density foam midsole that’ll cushion your feet during sprinting exercises, but provide plenty of support when you need to lift weights or climb ropes.

The Metcon Repper DSX also has a lace-front design with flywire technology, which guarantees your shoe will be snug against your foot for the entire session.

Having tried these shoes for several days, we have to admit that we love the fit, the grip and the flexible sole.

Our only complaint? The heel isn’t the best, and you might struggle to get those super-deep squats without a more low-profile shoe.

That said, if your priority is being light and quick on your feet, these are a great choice.

22. Asics Conviction X Men’s Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • RhynoSkin synthetic leather upper for enhanced durability
  • Perforated sock liner for a breathable fit
  • A firm and flat heel structure for added stability during heavy lifts
Boasting a stiff heel and a rigid sole, a pair of Conviction Xs will seriously up your weight game.

They provide a nice, stable platform for heavy lifts and they give your feet plenty of room to splay out, which helps to maintain perfect form.

They’re also an incredibly comfortable shoe; boasting a unique, perforated sock liner and a lace-front that guarantees a snug fit. Best of all though?

The Conviction Xs were one of the most durable CrossFit shoes we tried – thanks to their unique RhynoSkin quarter panel on the upper.

They might not make the best dedicated running shoes, but these sneakers are a great match for the demands of CrossFit, and we were certainly impressed.

23. Adidas Men’s CrazyTrain Elite Training Shoes


Why We Like It

  • Tightly woven textile upper with backing material for support
  • TPU bar for stability in lateral movements during training
  • Hard-wearing and stiff rubber sole
A thoroughly underrated shoe, the Adidas CrazyTrain Elite may as well have been tailor-made for cross training activities and we think it’s one of the best Crossfit shoes for men that’s available on today’s market.

The front of the sole is flexible, grippy and great for those short-distance sprints, while the heel has a chunky, reinforced design that’ll give you a small advantage on those deep lifts. The CrazyTrain Elite is incredibly comfortable too; offering a breathable, lightweight upper and a molded midsole that we absolutely love.

There’s only three colorways to choose from and you won’t get the streetcred a pair of Metcons will win you, but this is an undeniably great choice of shoe.

24. 5.11 Men’s Recon Trainer

5.11 Men's Recon Trainer-M

Why We Like It

  • 8mm heel to toe drop
  • Rope-ready, textured lugs in the arch
  • Wide toe box for enhanced stability during weightlifting exercises.
These shoes might not be the most attractive shoes on the market, but they’re still a good choice for CrossFit.

Unlike a lot of fitness shoes, they have a high-traction rubber sole that’s great for short sprints, and they also boast a wide toe box – which lets you splay your feet during weightlifting exercises and rope climbs.

They’re also built from a breathable, textile weave with genuine leather overlays for added support.

Sadly they don’t have the reinforced heel block that you’d find on dedicated CrossFit shoes, or the super-stiff sole needed for heavy-duty weights.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a good entry level shoe, this one is surprisingly durable and robust.

25. Nike Men’s Train Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes


Why We Like It

  • Lightweight mesh provides excellent breathability
  • Rugged multidirectional outsole pattern for great traction
  • Flywire cables in the forefoot add dynamic support
A nice, flexible shoe with a textured outsole that gives multi-directional grip, Nike’s Iron DF Cross Trainer Shoes are perfect for those varied, boundary-pushing workouts.

They offer plenty of support in the ankle and they have more than enough flex to make running comfortable. Like most of Nike’s specialist, CrossFit shoes, they also boast a lace-up front with flywire cables in the forefoot. This means that they’re a snug, comfortable fit that’ll serve you well during those grueling HIIT workouts.

Other shoes might offer more in the way of weightlifting support – and we were not a huge fan of the fairly narrow toe – but these versatile shoes are still surprisingly stable, and we think they’d make for a great pair of all-round CrossFit sneakers.

26. New Balance Men’s MX40V1 Training Shoe


Why We Like It

  • molded external counter for multi-directional grip
  • External heel clip for added stability
  • Rapid Rebound technology allows them to function as running and weightlifting shoes
These innovative shoes are a great choice for varied training sessions.

They feature New Balance’s unique Rapid Rebound technology which provides plenty of bounce when your running, but compresses under vertical pressure – providing a surprisingly solid foundation for those heavy lifts.

Better still, these versatile training shoes have an external heel clip that should up your balance, and help you to achieve some super-deep squats.

Oh, and the outsole wraps around to the side too, for added grip while climbing.

The only downside? Durability. We absolutely loved these shoes but some people have complained that they fall apart after 6-12 months of heavy use, so if you’re looking for a long-term investment, you might want to look elsewhere.

27. Altra Men’s HIIT XT Cross Training Shoe

Altra Men’s HIIT XT Cross Training Shoe

Why We Like It

  • Fully cushioned, zero-drop platform for added stability/support
  • Dual layer, EVA midsole with a wrap-around design for extra grip
  • 5mm sculpted footbed and enlarged toe box for explosive lifts
A well-structured and supportive shoe with a firm sole, Altra’s HIIT XT is a fantastic choice for any weight-lifting exercises (or free-weight-heavy WODs).

It boasts a reinforced heel that provides tones of extra balance and it’s also got a wide toe box that allows you to splay your toes, and explode  upwards during structural lifts, like your cleans or snatches.

The Altra HIIT XT also boasts a sticky, wrap-around rubber midsole that’s great for rope climbing exercises, or HIIT activities that involve a lot of zig-zagging/lateral movement.

The only downside was its lack of flexibility, which makes it quite uncomfortable to run in.

If you’re prioritizing weight lifting, rope climbing or calisthenics, these shoes are an A+ choice, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of running, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere.

28. ASICS Men’s Gel-Craze TR 4 Cross-Trainer Shoe


Why We Like It

  • Advanced, Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System for a seamless transition between different training surfaces
  • Hard-wearing AHAR outsole for enhanced durability
  • Solyte® midsole for enhanced comfort
Built around a unique, Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System that’s designed to absorb impacts and “boost” the transition between different stances, the Gel-Craze TR 4s are a great choice for high-intensity CrossFit training.

These versatile shoes are also incredibly hard-wearing and we’ll be the first to admit that their lightweight midsole makes them an exceptionally comfortable choice for HIIT exercises.

The only slight downside is that all that cushioning robs you of the stability needed to really push your weightlifting goals.

That said, if you’re looking for a versatile running shoe that’s big on comfort, this shoe’s definitely a top contender.

29. Reebok CrossFit Lifter 2.0 Training Shoes


Why We Like It

  • Full grain leather toe for comfort and fit.
  • Traditional lace-up closure ensures a dialed-in fit.
  • Dual hook and loop straps lock in the foot to ensure stability and deliver immediate response
As the name implies, these shoes are tailor-made for weightlifting. They have a rigid sole and a 12mm toe-to-heel drop that’ll seriously improve the depth of your deadlift and squats.

They also boast a form-fitting midsole that makes them exceptionally comfortable to wear.

The Lifter 2.0s aren’t running shoes, and they won’t help you to shave those precious seconds off your 100m sprint time but they are a great choice for weight-intensive sessions and they do have just enough flex for your average WOD.

They’re also exceptional weightlifting shoes, so if that’s where you want to make some improvements, these are a must-have.

30. Reebok CrossFit Nano 6.0 Training Shoes

Reebok Men's CROSSFIT Nano 6.0 Cross Trainer

Why We Like It

  • Kevlar-infused, woven mesh upper
  • Anatomically shaped fit for superior comfort
  • Tri-blend foam fusion technology midsole for enhanced performance on any surface
Last but not least, Reebok’s Nano 6.0 training shoes definitely deserve a mention on this list. In fact, we think these shoes are probably some of the best shoes for CrossFit; what with their cutting-edge, kevlar-reinforced upper and super flexible sole.

Like the rest of the Nano range, they’re one of the few shoes that’ll cushion your feet during those grueling 100m sprints, while still providing the wide toe box and heel support needed for lifting exercises. They’re durable, well-built, and beautifully engineered so if you’re looking for all-rounders? Well, they’re definitely hard to beat.

The only slight caveat is that they are less breathable than the older models in the Nano range (probably because of all that kevlar). They also have a 3mm heel to toe drop which might not be to your liking.

Final Words

As you can see, there are several different types of CrossFit shoe; to suit a variety of different athletes.

If you’re prioritizing weight-based activities, you should definitely stick to a flat and stable shoe like the Venja 1s, or the Altra HIIT XT.

If – on the other hand – you’re trying to shave down your sprint times (or just prioritizing some of the HIIT exercises) shoes like the Metcon 3 or the Adidas CrazyTrain Elite should be your focus, because their built to cushion your steps and provide a bit of a boost.

And if you’re a true-to-form, CrossFit all-rounder? You’re spoilt for choice. With the Reebok Nanos and NOBULL trainers offering you a seriously amped-up experience.

Take your time picking the perfect shoes, and remember to think about which features you really care about. That way you’ll be guaranteed the best possible CrossFit experience.