Why Lucky Charms Work: Lose Weight With a Talisman

My reminder to keep my big goals in mind

I'm a big fan of visceral reminders of our goals.  If you only try on your skinny jeans or hop on a scale once a week as a check on your progress, what keeps you making the right choices the rest of the time?  Enter the lucky charm. Really it's just a reminder of our goals; a simple trick to keep our long term aspirations front and center.  This can go a long way when you're tempted by that cupcake or extra serving of mashed potatoes. Chris Brogan talks about his three words for the year.  I thought about this quite a lot and came up with: Thrive • Relax • Lithe. They all relate to my business, my personal life, and my physique in one way or another.  I wanted to keep reminding myself of them, so I found a site on etsy that made those three words into a bracelet.  I can wear it all day long and keep picking the right things.  So easy.  It's my talisman/reminder of the big picture. I also found this pillow that I think is pretty funny too.  What better way to undo the couch potato mentality? What do you use to remind you of your goals?  A Post-it Note on the bathroom mirror?  A "before" picture on the refrigerator door?  A bathing suit hung in your dressing area?  Share your ideas, your lucky charms, and your success stories with us. If you like this post, please feel free to roam around my site a bit and see what other interesting tidbits you can find.  We also have an email newsletter that gives additional advice that doesn't make it onto the blog as well as a peak behind the stories that do.  You can sign up at the top of the right hand column; just takes a sec and I only need your email address. Cheers, Lisa

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2 Responses to Why Lucky Charms Work: Lose Weight With a Talisman

  1. Diane January 31, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    It’s funny that you should post about this now – I just bought myself a talisman last week while I was in New York!

    It’s a small metal disk I found in an Asian supermarket in Soho – they had a bunch of them and I chose the one with ‘Balance’ on it. It has the Chinese characters on the back.

    At the moment it’s in my wallet, but I’m thinking of putting it on a chain or something, I want it somewhere a bit more prominant and noticeable.

    Do you think that the power of a talisman can wear out? That is, do we get so accustomed to seeing them that we stop noticing them so much?

  2. Lisa Johnson January 31, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    Diane, I definitely think it can wear off! Chris Brogan who started this for me, chooses new words every year and I think that’s a smart thing to do. It gives you the opportunity to refocus and realign your priorities, that can’t be bad right? I’m sure there are some that resonate with us for longer periods of time than others though.

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