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Get your Weekend Warrior on ... improve your golf game

We've had some whiffs of warm weather in the Northeast and Tiger will soon be on the hunt on the greens again.  This might put you in the mood to swing those clubs with gusto.  Your hopes set on glorious drives and ridiculously accurate putts.  Here are some ideas to help you prepare for your first tee of the season. 1.  Stretch.  This is a sport where range of motion is important.  The deeper you can wind up your swing, the longer your ball will go.  Please make sure you stretch properly before you get on the field. 2.  Core Strength.  Having strong abs will help with the velocity of your downswing improving your drive immediately.  Start doing core work now, include the abdominals, low back, hips and glutes. 3.  Alignment and Posture.  You can't rotate on the axis of your spine properly if you don't have good posture, this will cause you to hook or slice the ball depending on what you're doing as you take the backswing.  Take a posture improving class like yoga or Pilates to improve your posture.  You can literally improve your game with just one class. 4.  Balance.  Being aware of shifting your balance (or not) is a big part of your game.  Shifting weight on your feet can destroy your short game.  Incorporate simple balance work into off-links training and you'll see a quick improvement.  I'm a big fan of standing on styrofoam rollers.  They're cheap (about $20) and quite effective.  The pros will stand on the rollers with their clubs and do full swings, but you can start by just standing near a wall, letting go of the wall and practicing staying upright.  Make sure you've got something to grab if you start to fall! I am a Pilates instructor and I've taken specific training to work with pro-golfers.  I am rather biased, but there are Pilates for Golf programs out there and I think they are spectacular.  Pilates really addresses the points listed above in a way that is uniquely suited for golfers.  Many, many pro golfers do Pilates as part of their training and there's a really good reason why.  It works. A look at last week's Weekend Warrior post, basketball.

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  1. Noebie April 2, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

    i took a pilates for golf seminar at our local ymca a year or so ago

    although my own ability to do core training has been compromised by an umbilical hernia (which was only recently repaired by surgery) it only makes sense that power comes from the core

    i hope to be able to make use of some of what i learned this summer

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