Wanna Fight Childhood Obesity? Watch This …

Childhood obesity is climbing. I wrote recently that it's not all the parents' fault, despite how often they receive 100% of the blame.  I wrote that it just isn't so simple and there are far too many factors that contribute to childhood obesity. The video below is an important message that talks about what the food lobbyists actually do.  It talks about the $2 billion per year spent on advertising for not-so-healthy foods during children's programming.  It talks about how we can fight back with new healthy eating guidelines for kids that the lobbyists are trying hard to kill. There are two things you can do. Watch and share this video (it's less than 3 minutes long) and fill out this petition (takes less than one minute). It doesn't take much to change the world and make our kids a little healthier. Let's do this.  Thanks.

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  1. Dean Ouellette October 7, 2011 at 9:32 am #

    I have a blog post in the works for next week about this just topic. But here is my take… i dont care that food industry targets my kids with adds you know why? Because for the last two months now my kids have heard at EVERY meal why we dont eat anything processed anymore. Every day it is reinforced with them and the experience that they have had over those two months is much more powerful than a captn crunch ad.

    We were at a large sporting event and my 8-yr old former junk-food-a-holic was offered a chocolate chip muffin and from a distance i heard her say “no thanks i eat healthy!” #Winning

    Why… because we as parents taught her what was healthy. And it wasnt easy… it took a full two months for it to sink in.

    I have no problem with them advertising junk food, what I have a problem with is AHA putting their good heart seal on things like Cocoa Puffs or other sugar cerals because the company was willing to fork over $100k for the seal.

    Now what is the problem there. The problem there is we as adults were taught that good heart seals must mean something is healthy.

    It doesnt matter how we educate the kids at school and on tv… if it is not being reinforced every day at home it will never sink in. We really need to educate adults. The food lobby is a powerful powerful force. And as long as they have their way we will NEVER be able to make real change that is needed.

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