The Reluctant Hubby: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

There's an irony to the video I've embedded below. Basically, it requires you to watch a screen to tell you in part, guess what, spending so much time in front of a screen is killing you. But the nine-minute video is absolutely worth watching and then sharing with your friends. It reframes the question of why we need to be active. Note I said "be active" and not "exercise."  And it states the argument bluntly, with eye-opening figures about why low-impact activity is better for us than many of the "cures" that pharma pushes at us in the form of pill bottles. So watch the video, and I think you'll agree that it's pretty easy to find even 30 minutes over the course of a day to be active. If you'd like more information, the video was made by Dr. Mike Evans, who could be, or perhaps should be, the Dr. Oz of Canada. Evans is professor at the University of Toronto and staff physician at St. Michael's Hospital. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and help spread the word that you can't spell alive without most of active.  Or something like that. Previously on The Reluctant Hubby: "Start Small, Your Body Should Follow"

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Greg Wymer is Principal and Chief of Creative for Healthy Dose Media. He was an award-winning radio copywriter and morning show producer for WFNX-FM in Boston in the 1990s, and in the 2000s won Best Viral Marketing Campaign and Best Non-Profit Campaign for his work with e-tractions, a provider of custom online entertainment. Before launching Healthy Dose Media, he spent 10 years at the MIT Enterprise Forum working as a developer of programs, content, and marketing for a global audience of startups and entrepreneurs. Greg has been a mobile and club DJ for 25 years, created and ran a pub trivia night called Useless Trivia, and is on the Board of Directors of ImprovBoston, where he performed as a cast member of its Mainstage for seven years.

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