The Reluctant Hubby: The Training Montage

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Many of us watched the Academy Awards last night. Some of us to see who would win, some of us to see the stars and what dresses they were wearing, and some of us to see Billy Crystal hosting. Besides the big awards, many behind-the-scenes professionals are honored for things like costumes, cinematography, and sound effects. But one Oscar they have never handed out is Best Training Montage. They just don't make them like they used to sadly.  Then again, I'm not sure they ever made them all that well in the first place. Here are my personal Lifetime Achievement Awards. You can't honor Training Montages without including Rocky Balboa. And while no one will likely ever award Sylvester Stallone an award for his acting chops, you have to admit he puts in the effort in the gym. Add in Bill Conti's stirring "Gonna Fly Now" and count the seconds until the goose bumps rise on your arms. Here are clips from all the Rocky films. If Stallone is the "Best Actor" in this category, than my winner for Best Actress has to be Jamie Lee Curtis from the film "Perfect" (with a supporting acting nod to John Travolta's short shorts). Can you imagine any movie today having a 4+ minute  interlude like this in the middle of the plot? It just wouldn't happen. If you thought Travolta's shorts were awkward, you ain't seen nothing yet. Meet "No Retreat, No Surrender" which starred Jean-Claude Van Damme as the bad guy, and Kurt McKinney as the guy training to fight him. While many of Kurt's moves are impressive, you'll understand why this clip also receives entry to the "kitsch" hall of fame. Possibly the worst montage of all time, and therefore one of the best, also wins "Best Foreign Film" honors in this category. Because any time the description of the clip reads Turkish Star Wars rip-off, you need to watch. I don't know what "force" this guy is using on those rocks, but I think a light saber would have been a more useful weapon. Finally, if you actually ARE looking to get fired up from watching a training montage, because, after all, the goal of the film-makers when they include these is to get the audience pumped, you should enjoy this clip made by YouTube user Erik393. He includes nearly all of the memorable films of the past 35 years and edits them with a nice dramatic build. Are you fired up to hit the gym this week after watching those? Fired up to hit the Cineplex with a large popcorn and soda? Shame on you.  So tell me, what's your favorite movie montage? Previously on The Reluctant Hubby: "Revolutionary Workouts"

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