The Reluctant Hubby: My Wife is Incredible

Lisa Fitness Video

It's okay to wear Uggs in a fitness video ... when you're filming the intro from the waist up.

Wow! There's really no better single word with which to start this post. And why the awe? Because my wife is amazing. As most of you know, Lisa has been in preparation for the past 90 days to star in two fitness DVDs, one on Pilates and one on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Yesterday was the film shoot. And while I may be biased, I gotta tell you, I couldn't be more proud of her. Let me count the ways. Calm in the eye of the storm. There were many moving parts: four production team members, two "back up dancers" on screen with Lisa, a hair stylist and a makeup person to make them all look their best, and me trying to help out without getting in the way. Lisa had to help make decisions and rearrange her entire Pilates studio (with my help) while staying focused on the exercises she needed to perform on camera and the vocal cues she needed to say out loud to help the viewer properly do each move. On camera wonder. Try this challenge sometime: do an entire exercise routine, but instead of focusing on breathing in and out, talk the entire time. Now do it with a smile and speaking in intelligent sentences all while keeping proper form. Now do it for 45 minutes. Now add a camera that you need to make sure you speak to in a friendly manner, and, oh yeah, make sure you're in sync with the two people next to you. Oh, did you do it in one take? If not, please go back to the start and try again. Lisa just killed it with this. All night long. We started filming just before 7:00 and finished after midnight. While Lisa wasn't exercising non-stop for five hours straight, it was five long hours of movement and activity and, when the director said "Action!", working out. Whenever the cameras rolled, Lisa needed to be on her game and her energy levels high; she did that and more. Then, after everyone packed up and went home, she worked with me to help move all the Pilates equipment and put her studio back together. She earned her hard night's sleep. (And probably an ice cream cone later today as well.) That's why today I need to let folks know that I am much more the "Proud Hubby" than Reluctant. My wife is phenomenal on many levels, and we can't wait until the two fitness videos are edited and out of post-production. That's when you, the public, gets the chance to buy a copy and experience Lisa's teaching techniques and routines for yourself. You (and your smaller butt) can thank me later. (And speaking of thanks, a big "Hoo Rah!" to everyone who helped out with yesterday's production. Lisa will go into greater detail in her post this Wednesday.) Previously on The Reluctant Hubby: "Body Control, Gravity Be Damned"

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2 Responses to The Reluctant Hubby: My Wife is Incredible

  1. staci October 22, 2012 at 9:21 pm #

    good for you for recognizing how awesome your wife is. that’s really sweet (and appropriate)!

    i can’t wait to see how it comes out. i’ve been following her journey and have been really impressed with her ability to stick with it. great job, lisa!

  2. Lisa Johnson October 24, 2012 at 2:17 pm #

    awwwh, Staci, thanks so much! :-) L–

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