The Bond Girl Workout

Ursula Andress

The original Bond Girl, Ursula Andress as Pussy Galore.

Only six men have stepped in front of the camera to play the iconic role of James Bond in the fifty years since Dr. No first hit screens. Not as exclusive a club, but just as iconic, are the women who have been "Bond Girls," the femme fatales and damsels in distress with double entendres for names. The Bond Girl gained notoriety from the start as soon as Ursula Andress appeared in arguably the most famous bikini of all time. It seems James has always gone for the same type of lady: in shape and able to do what it takes to escape death-defying situations. So, in honor of Skyfall hitting theaters today, what would it take for you to look like a Bond Girl? Back at HQ, Bond always takes his orders from M. But to be a Bond Girl, you need to pay attention to A, specifically your arms, abs, and ass. The good news is you can get what I call "Hollywood Arms" in less than two minutes a day. It's actually the most popular video on my YouTube channel. And of course since it has Hollywood in its name, that means, of course, that I made a "Hollywood Arms" sequel. Next is the abs. Your power comes from your core, so it's important to focus on your double-0 six pack. There are lots of ways to get a strong stomach, but being the Pilates instructor that I am, I'm partial to that form of exercise. Recently, Sarah Fit from stopped by for an abs workout using nothing more than a foam roller. The link will give you a video for an ab exercise you can do yourself at home. The final a is for ass, and every girl, Bond or otherwise, wants theirs tighter, higher, and smaller. One of the best workouts you can do to achieve this comes from Tim Ferriss' book, "The 4-Hour Body." The good news is that a five-minute workout can go a long way towards getting you a better butt. That's all it takes to work out in an attempt to sculpt your body into something that would make a spy commit espionage. Good luck, and once you get there, the last thing you'll want to do is keep this a secret.

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