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The 10 Things You’re Doing Wrong at the Gym

People make plenty of mistakes at the gym. Here are the most common ones and, more importantly, how to do them right!

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Be a Health & Fitness Snob

Choosing wisely will increase your longevity and how much you enjoy the life you’re living. Here’s how to be choosy.

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Gym Boss: A New Fitness Gadget That Actually Works

I was recently given the Gym Boss to evaluate. Turns out I like it. It’s a simple device (really just a timer) that lets you set intervals to get your workouts in with no cheating.

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Yoga: Find Your Zen or Find Your Six Pack

It’s National Yoga Month in the U.S. and lots of studios are offering free classes. This is a great opportunity to try different styles of yoga and find one that works best for you. Yoga covers a broad range of movements, from very calming and relaxing to incredibly invigorating and sweat inducing. You can find your zen or find your six pack; the choice is up to you.

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Fall Fitness Tune Up: 5 Things to Check

This article will get you off to a great Fall and jolt you out of any fitness ruts you might be in. What will you do for your fall fitness plan?

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Finding Time for Exercise

Great intentions are easily dashed by poor planning and last minute schedule zappers. It is so hard to go through your week and add the 150 to 250 minutes of exercise that you should be getting. Below are some tips to keep you on track and reaching your health and fitness goals.

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Pilates for Pregnancy

t’s practically a Hollywood secret weapon. Celebs such as Rachel Weisz, J. Lo, Brooke Burke, and Ellen Pompeo have all used Pilates to stay healthy during their pregnancies and to get back into shape fast after their little ones were born. One of the main reasons is that Pilates is always pulling the abdominals in towards the spine.

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25 Ways to Mix Up Your Workout

We often get hung up in routine. We tend to do the same thing over and over again, same 5 pound bicep curl, same number of pushups, same Bootcamp class. But mixing it up is a great way to keep the body lean, keep your mind engaged, and keep you plugged in to regular exercise.

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