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New Year’s Resolution Gear: What You Need To Hit Your Fitness Goals

Here’s all the gear you need, as well as some fun things you might like to try, to get in shape in the new year.

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The Good Enough Workout: What to Do When You Only Have a Little Time

If you only have 10, 20, or 30 minutes to workout, what’s the best routine that will torch calories and help keep you fit? I’ve got your answer …

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Weight Training Basics: Find Your Best Workout Plan

We see lots of sculpted bodies in the media. There are many people telling us to do what they do and we’ll look just like them: sculpted, lean, and with a beautiful member of the opposite sex hanging off of us. But do we trust the marketers? What’s the best way to workout if you’re just starting a weight training program? I’ve got your answers.

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Challenge Week: The Plan From Beginner to Advanced

We’re getting ready for Challenge Week. It starts tomorrow! Start planning out your week! I’ve broken it down from couch potato / beginner to star athlete / advanced.

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Gym Boss: A New Fitness Gadget That Actually Works

I was recently given the Gym Boss to evaluate. Turns out I like it. It’s a simple device (really just a timer) that lets you set intervals to get your workouts in with no cheating.

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Jackie Warner: Let’s Get MetaPhysical

I had the chance to interview Jackie Warner about her book “This is Why Your Fat.” She provided some great insights into diet, exercise, and having a positive attitude.

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Win Workout Gear from Thriv!

Win a workout outfit from Thriv NP! Contest rules here.

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5 Tips for Free Weights

A recent study talked about the increased number of emergency room visits in recent years; up 50% over an 18 year period. The most common cause of injury? 65% dropped a free weight on a body part. I have to admit I laughed when I read that statistic, most people don’t know what they’re doing with free weights I cringe daily as I walk through the health club I work at and observe some almost catastrophes. So here’s some tips …

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