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How Social Media May Have Saved My Life

I’m so happy when I hear actual stories of how my li’l ol’ blog has changed people’s lives. Congrats Ben on all the hard work!

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A Virus Can Make You Skinny

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have found a way to reduce hunger and burn extra calories. It’s not ready for prime time yet but it might make you hopeful that you’ll catch a stomach bug.

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“The 4-Hour Body”: Thoughts on Week 4

I’ve been on the Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Body for four full weeks now. Here are my results and my recommendations. Plus a little surprise from Doctor Oz.

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Finding the Perfect Diet: Down the Rabbit Hole

Does the “perfect” diet exist? Is there a way to discover it yourself? Well …

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“The 4-Hour Body:” Thoughts on Week 3

I’ve been on “The 4-Hour Body” plan for three weeks now. Here’s how it’s going.

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“The 4-Hour Body”: Thoughts on Week 2

I’m doing “The 4-Hour Body” and blogging about it. Come follow me on my journey as I talk about my concerns and how well I’m doing. So far I’m down over eight pounds and six inches.

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“The 4-Hour Body”: Thoughts on the First Week

I just completed the first week of the 4-Hour Body plan from Tim Ferriss. The supplements, the thermogenics, the food, and the workout; I talk about it all.

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“The 4-Hour Body”: Thoughts on Tim Ferriss’ New Book

“The 4-Hour Body,” Tim Ferriss’ new book about getting lean, having great sex, and feeling energized.

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