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2011 US Obesity Rates

How Fat Is Your State? The Latest Rankings

Americans keep getting bigger as obesity rates climb once again. How fat is your state?

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This Is Why You’re Fat: The Mitt Romney Edition

Mitt Romney’s venture company, Bain Capital, invests in fast food chains that return high profits. As President, how would this potentially affect our waistlines?

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This is Why You’re Fat: Sticks to Your McRib Edition

Eat now! For a limited time! Don’t miss out! You’ll have to wait until next year! The strange pull of the McRib sandwich.

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Cheeseburger with Fried Ice Cream

This is Why You’re Fat: 2011 U.S. State Fairs Edition

Travel the country and check out the dishes you could have sampled at this year’s state fairs.

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Who’s to Blame for Fast Food? A Twitter Discussion

There has been a trend lately for “shock and awe” dishes that bring the uber-hungry to the restaurants and garner lots of press and chidings from bloggers. But is the fast food industry responsible for the obesity problem? Or is it squarely at the feet of the consumer, the ones who opened their mouths in the first place, and who don’t understand the term “moderation”?

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This is Why You’re Fat: The White Castle Edition

Okay, this one grossed me out. A large White Castle chocolate milk shake, noted as the Louisville version, is a whopping 1,680 calories! For some reason they make them a little different in Kentucky because the New Jersey region shake was “only” 1,230 calories.

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Jackie Warner: Let’s Get MetaPhysical

I had the chance to interview Jackie Warner about her book “This is Why Your Fat.” She provided some great insights into diet, exercise, and having a positive attitude.

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This is Why You’re Fat: Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt

Denny’s Fried Cheese Melt weighs in at over 63 grams of fat! Is this even remotely healthy?

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