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New Year’s Resolution Gear: What You Need To Hit Your Fitness Goals

Here’s all the gear you need, as well as some fun things you might like to try, to get in shape in the new year.

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Weight Training Basics: Find Your Best Workout Plan

We see lots of sculpted bodies in the media. There are many people telling us to do what they do and we’ll look just like them: sculpted, lean, and with a beautiful member of the opposite sex hanging off of us. But do we trust the marketers? What’s the best way to workout if you’re just starting a weight training program? I’ve got your answers.

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Challenge Week: The Plan From Beginner to Advanced

We’re getting ready for Challenge Week. It starts tomorrow! Start planning out your week! I’ve broken it down from couch potato / beginner to star athlete / advanced.

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My Best Advice for Healthy Living

I’ve been asked for tons of fitness advice over the years so I thought I’d put it all together in a column and let you guys cull for gems. Some ideas will seem obvious. Some will be a bit of a surprise. Hopefully some you can apply immediately to live a better life.

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Pilates vs. Yoga

Pilates vs. Yoga, which is better? The debate rages on. Both are mind/body exercise regimens, both are primarily resistance training, both make you look and feel fabulous. So which one is the best fit for you? Take our little quiz to find out …

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My Top 5 Questions

As a fitness professional I get asked a lot of questions about health and appearance. Yes, I even get asked, “Does my butt look fat?” Below is a compilation of the most asked questions and my answers. Enjoy.

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