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The Reluctant Hubby: Finding Balance

It’s important to have balance in your life, both mental and especially physical. Be sure and exercise in such a way that imbalances aren’t putting your health at risk.

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zombie run

The Reluctant Hubby: Zomba!

What happens when you combine Zumba with zombies? Only the most pop culture-rific workout you can imagine!

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Happy Halloween

The Reluctant Hubby: Hips Don’t Lie

As we get older things start to hurt. For no reason. Just ’cause your body feels like it. What can you do to make yourself feel better?

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The Reluctant Hubby: It’s Been a Year …

I’ve been chronicling my fitness reluctance for a year now. Time to stop and assess; see how I’ve done and what I need to do moving forward from here.

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Lisa Fitness Video

The Reluctant Hubby: My Wife is Incredible

We shot Lisa’s fitness DVD yesterday. Correction: other folks shot and Lisa exercised her butt off in front of the cameras. I was mostly moral support and gopher. But also tremendously proud!

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sideline catch

The Reluctant Hubby: Body Control, Gravity Be Damned

Athletes doing amazing things all the time. When they do feats that are unnatural to our hard-wired instincts, it’s even more impressive.

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to do list tattoo

The Reluctant Hubby: My Fitness To Do List

To Do lists help to keep your life in order, so why not create a Fitness To Do list to help keep your health in order.

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cleaning products

The Reluctant Hubby: Can’t Spell Calorie Without Most of the Letters in Chore

A clean home can lead to a clean bill of health. Yes, doing housework burns calories.

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