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Cardio do’s and don’ts

Cardio exercise, the act of raising your heart rate up beyond it’s usual pace is the cornerstone to any fitness plan. But what, exactly, do you need to do for a healthy cardio routine? I get asked this question all the time and below are my answers … it’s a culmination of the research I’ve read over the years and just working with my clients every day.

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Mamavation Contest Starts

We are hoping that by focusing on one Mom lots of other people will learn smart, useful information and be inspired to make changes in their own lives. Any positive change, small or large, is a victory in my mind.

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20 Workouts in 60 Days

Try 20 different workout in 60 days. Feel great, get in shape. Live through this great challenge!

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What Valerie Bertinelli Can Teach Us: One Day at a Time

Valerie perfectly demonstrates two points. You have to up your game if you want to continue to lose weight and you can’t get really tone without weight training.

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How & When to Leave Your Trainer

You are paying a good sum of money to a person you don’t know well, who will stare at your body parts, poke at you, order you around and you’ll be happy for the opportunity. But what if it doesn’t feel right? When should you leave your trainer?

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Finding Good Trainers

As a trainer you need to keep your ego out of the session. It is always, always about the client, never about you.

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