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The Obesity Paradox: Skinny Can Kill You

Being thin is healthier, except when you contract a disease normally associated with obese people. Then, skinny can be fatal.

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Is the Arizona Fat Tax the Right Move?

Arizona is considering charging a “fat tax” for overweight Medicaid patients. My guess is the U.S. government will be considering it too. What do you think?

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Are We At the Tipping Point for Obesity?

I believe we’ve reached the peak of the obesity epidemic in the U.S. Here’s why.

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Getting Fat is Going Global: More Than Half of Europeans are Now Overweight

More than 50% of Europeans are now overweight. Welcome to the club, boys and girls. It’s not such a great club really …

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Heavier Men Have Better Sex Lives

A rather amusing study coming out of Turkey. Men with higher BMIs take longer to reach ejaculation, thereby prolonging their sexual pleasure.

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Who’s to Blame for Fast Food? A Twitter Discussion

There has been a trend lately for “shock and awe” dishes that bring the uber-hungry to the restaurants and garner lots of press and chidings from bloggers. But is the fast food industry responsible for the obesity problem? Or is it squarely at the feet of the consumer, the ones who opened their mouths in the first place, and who don’t understand the term “moderation”?

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The Stigma of Obesity

What are the best steps for addressing adult obesity? How the government, friends, and businesses can help us all.

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A Closer Look at Obesity

The 2010 rankings are out for obesity in the US. The numbers are increasingly worse with only one area improving over last year, the home of Mrs. Obama, Washington, DC.

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