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Outside the Comfort Zone: A Recipe With Kale

For the month of October, I’m doing a series of posts on stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to my health and fitness routine. Step one? Cooking with kale.

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Is Egg Yolk Bad For You? Apparently, Yes

A recent study claims that eating eggs can be as bad as smoking cigarettes. What does this mean for your morning breakfast?

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Where’s the Beef? What Qualifies As Food These Days

The Taco Bell lawsuit brings to light lobbying efforts which have somehow negotiated “beef” into only needing to be 35% meat to qualify. What does this mean for what we’re eating?

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Black Rice: More Antioxidants Than Blueberries

Black rice is a great antioxidant with a nutty flavor. It’s a good alternative for winter nutrition and it’s cheap!

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A Better Food Pyramid

An alternative to the USDA Pyramid based on 40 years of scientific research and produced by the Harvard School of Public Health.

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The Sweet Spot for Living Well: A Simple Diagram

We struggle so much to find balance in our life. But Mike Davenport sums it up brilliantly.

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3 Tips to Keep the Weight Off

Losing weight is the easy part. It’s the keeping it off that’s hard. I’ve watched most of my clients fluctuate up and down over the years. We all seem to have a number on the scale that gets us off our butts and gets us back into our fitness routines. But once we’re at the size we’re happy with, we slide, slide, slide…

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Self Care: Everything For a Healthy Body

Has your life shifted lately? I’ve found with the recession that I’m spending a lot more time at home, meeting with friends in parks and living rooms, and foregoing fancy restaurants and theater shows.

My pace of life isn’t slower, though; if anything it seems faster than it’s ever been. Looming to-do lists, family obligations, the busy-ness of daily life can easily overwhelm any downtime I’m hoping to find.

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