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Adjusting to Morning Workouts: 3 Quick Tips That Work!

It’s possible to wake up just 15 minutes earlier and get in 30 minutes of exercise with these three simple tips.

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Are You a Night Owl or a Morning Bird: Work With Your DNA for Optimal Health

Should you force yourself to be a morning bird so you can be “healthier”? Here’s a quiz to figure out if it’s worth it.

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Should You Become a Morning Exerciser? Even If You Hate Mornings …

Those morning workout people look so smug. How can you become one of them? And is it worth it?

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Morning Workouts: 5 Reasons Why It’s Better

Morning workouts can improve sleep, weight loss, and productivity. It is my firm belief that the majority of go-getters in this world are morning people. This was recently reinforced when I learned that President Obama rises at 4:30 am to get his workouts in. President Bush was also an early workout guy.

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