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Outside the Comfort Zone: Meditation Bliss (Sorta)

I spent a week meditating daily. Did I find my inner Zen?

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Finding Quiet in a Noisy World

A lesson in how meditation is teaching me to live a better life.

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If You Hate to Meditate, Try This: Find Your Zen Without an Om

Meditation isn’t for everyone. But there are ways to get the benefits of meditation through other activities; the choices are as diverse as running or knitting.

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Meditation 101: How to Chill Out Without Driving Yourself Crazy

There are lots of different ways to meditate. Find one that works for you from simple breathing to listening or walking meditations.

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10 Ways To Live Longer

From eating chocolate to taking a vacation, there are easy ways to live well. Then there are some tougher options like severe calorie restriction. Which would you do?

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Lotus Flower, Find Your Zen

Why You Should Embrace Your Earthy Crunchy Side

Trying alternative forms of fitness can really open your mind, tighten your tummy, and even boost your productivity. Here’s my permission slip to you: embrace you’re inner granola!

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Destress: Six Ways To Chill Out

I’ve been caught up in those conversations where everyone tries to show that they’re the most stressed out. I actually get a little flash of pride if I win and lately I’ve been winning more often. This is definitely going in the wrong direction! Here’s some ideas to unwind that work.

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Challenge Week: The Plan From Beginner to Advanced

We’re getting ready for Challenge Week. It starts tomorrow! Start planning out your week! I’ve broken it down from couch potato / beginner to star athlete / advanced.

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