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How to Eat Well

Let’s focus on your plate. When was the last time you really considered what you ate? We’ve got our lunch spots, our zombie breakfast routine, and the automatic grabs in the grocery store. During the Weekly Challenge we’re going to really focus on food.

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Weekly Challenge: Sunday Prep Day

Day one of our weekly challenge is Prep Day. Get ready for a spectacular week by cleaning out the pantry and checking your workout gear.

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Which Diets Work? “Just Be Yourself”

Find a diet that appeals to you and give it a go. If you’re following the diet to a T and not much is happening, drop it and try another one. It’s not you; it’s just the wrong approach for you.

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Fall Fitness Tune Up: 5 Things to Check

This article will get you off to a great Fall and jolt you out of any fitness ruts you might be in. What will you do for your fall fitness plan?

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Break Through Your Plateau

You’ve laid off the starches and piled on the veggies. You’ve spurned dinners out with friends so you don’t miss your 6:00 am hard-core bootcamp class. You can’t remember the last time you had a drink. You were doing great, but now? The scale doesn’t move. Here’s how to bust out of a plateau.

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Before & After Photos On the Same Day?

Advertisers do “Before & After” photos on the same day! Here’s the proof.

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Cardio Crush: Save Time, Get Better Results

When we start a fitness or weight loss plan, we experiment a bit to find what works best for us. Maybe it’s running, or Spin classes, or Zumba, but we come up with a plan that shows results on the scale and we stick with it. Forever! If it’s been a while since you shook up your cardio, here are some ideas to bust you out of your rut.

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My Nutritionist’s Advice: 4 Easy Steps

I’ve been working with a nutritionist to lose 15 pounds (I’m a size 10 trying to get to a size 6 for, ahem, professional reasons). Yesterday, she laid it on me: my full nutritional plan. Here are the guidelines.

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