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Self-Help Books, Finding Balance and Happiness in Black and White

Self-help books promise happiness in about 300 pages. How much expertise do these “experts” actually have?

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Challenge Week: Get Inspired, Be Well, Have Fun

Spend a week evaluating how you live with the goal to live a better life. We’ll cover everything from cardio to community, from meditation to motivation.

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The Sweet Spot for Living Well: A Simple Diagram

We struggle so much to find balance in our life. But Mike Davenport sums it up brilliantly.

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Green Exercise Boosts Mood

Working out outdoors boosts moods and has both short and long term benefits. I love this multistudy analysis which looked at the effects of exercising outside on 1,252 people.

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How to Be a Healthy Role Model for Kids

I was wandering around the USDA website (yes, I do this for fun …) and came across a really great resource. A little fact sheet on how to be a healthy role model for children. It’s got some simple things you can do, especially if you’re a parent, to make sure kids learn how to live healthfully.

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Happy Stress ~ Happy Life

Eustress literally means, good stress. It is the psychological and physical response we get when we have achieved something difficult. This could mean completing an athletic feat or acing a job interview. It’s the emotions you feel while thrilling at a horror movie or rushing down a roller coaster. . . Eustress is that little fist pump or happy dance,

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