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What’s Your September Resolution?

Phooey on January; it’s got nothing on September. Now is an excellent time of year to make a resolution. It’s the end of summer, you’re relaxed, the weather is lovely. There’s no peer pressure to “do something.” School is beginning and a feeling of productivity is in the air.

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10 Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

Studies show that 5 out of 6 people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions. For 2010, why not follow some of the ideas below which are geared towards success instead of failure. Why? Because these ideas are easy to keep.

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5 Steps to a Successful New Year’s Resolution

I did a little research and found one sobering statistic. A survey done this time last year found that 66% of Americans have made New Year’s Resolutions and 17% actually managed to keep them.

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