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A Clean Slate for 2012

Every year we get the chance to renew ourselves. What are you going to do in 2012?

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Transitioning From a Goal

You’ve reached your goal! Congrats! Now what are you going to do? Here’s how to transition well …

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December Fitness Goal!

Instead of thinking about what your goals will be for next year, why not set a mini-goal now that you can achieve *by* New Year’s Eve! Here are some ideas …

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Free New Year’s Resolution eBook! Enjoy & Happy New Year!

A free eBook on how to make a great New Year’s resolution. Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Resolutions: Add Yours Here!

Declare your New Year’s resolutions here. I’ll help guide you if you need assistance.

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Pick One Little Thing: Staying Focused on Your Goals

Here are some ideas for how to stay focused today. Keep working towards those healthy goals, one little step at a time.

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After a Push to Get Healthier or Skinnier, What Next?

You just dropped another five pounds. You picked up a meditation habit and you’re sticking with it. You finally detoxed off your high sugar diet. You’re feeling pretty proud of yourself and you look and feel better. Great! But the push is over, you’re settling back into a more normal, although somewhat altered, routine. What should you do next?

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Challenge Week: Get Inspired, Be Well, Have Fun

Spend a week evaluating how you live with the goal to live a better life. We’ll cover everything from cardio to community, from meditation to motivation.

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