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Jamie Oliver: Press, Celebrity & A Good Cause

This is the way it’s done in the United States. People will donate to Haiti if Wyclef Jean asks them to, they’ll give to Katrina Victims if Brad Pitt flashes his baby blues. In our era of total media saturation you need a celebrity to get people’s attention. It is often the first step in a cause’s crusade these days, but it is the regular folk, like you and me, that take over and actually get things done. We are the ones who make lasting change.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: TV & Food Ratings Both Down

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution has dipped in the ratings. Both with TV viewers and with the kids eating his food.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: Episode 3 Recap

Jamie Oliver focuses on the kids in this episode. Driving the point home that eating well will only help our kids live better lives.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is #1 in Ratings

Yay! We voted with our remote! Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution came in number one for it’s time slot beating out all competitors including the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Over 7.5 million Americans sat down and watched the 9 pm Friday night episode on ABC.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: The Chicken Nugget Fiasco

The beginning of episode two opens with our intrepid food revolutionary back at the radio mike defending a newspaper article that slagged his efforts to fight obesity in Huntington, WV.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Vote with your Remote

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution debuts tonight with a double episodes beginning at 8 pm on ABC. It’s rare that we as Americans can make a difference by being couch potatoes, but today is one of those opportunities.

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Jamie Oliver Wants to Save the World

The premise of the show is to drop a fish-out-of-water Brit into the middle of the unhealthiest city in the US. Huntington, WV leads the country in heart disease, diabetes and obesity rates. More than 50% of it’s population is obese, not just overweight, obese.

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How Healthy is Your County?

The annual County Health Rankings have been released. How healthy is your county? A great interactive chart.

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