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“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” Gets the Cold Shoulder

“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” premiered season two last night. This time the show is set in Los Angeles and Jamie gets the cold shoulder from just about everyone. What’s a chaos maker to do?

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“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”: Vote with Your Remote

“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” begins its second season this Tuesday night. Please vote with your remote and tell the U.S. Goverment to improve our kids’ lunches!

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Are We At the Tipping Point for Obesity?

I believe we’ve reached the peak of the obesity epidemic in the U.S. Here’s why.

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“Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” Returns: Look Out L.A.

ABC confirmed today that it will bring back “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” for a second season. This time the show will be based in Los Angeles.

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A Closer Look at Obesity

The 2010 rankings are out for obesity in the US. The numbers are increasingly worse with only one area improving over last year, the home of Mrs. Obama, Washington, DC.

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School Board Blocks Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver was making a point when he came to Huntington, WV. Take the “sickest” city in America and turn it’s citizens on to healthy eating habits. Overhaul the school lunch program and create lots of happy, healthier citizens. But now the school board might just let it die.

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Last Chance to Vote with Your Remote

Jamie Oliver is capping off his six episode run of “Food Revolution” tonight. It’s his last chance to get our attention. It’s his last chance to try to change the way we eat in the United States. He’ll only succeed if you vote with your remote.

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Jamie Oliver and the Stigma of Obesity

The most recent episode of Jamie Oliver’s “Food Revolution” continues to show people in Huntington, WV resisting his presence. Many were cautious of how a reality show would portray them and their fellow citizens. They just didn’t like the label of “fattest city in the US” that the Centers for Disease Control report had burdened them with.

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