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Fitness Test: How Strong Are You?

Here’s my basic strength test, see how you stack up. Do the test first, then grade yourself below. This is meant to give you a general idea of where you are strong and weak. Then you can address how to train with more balance.

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A Workout Poll for Readers!

Let us know how much of a gym rat you really are? Vote here for how many times per week you actually workout. Go ahead, be honest … I dare you …

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Finding Time for Exercise

Great intentions are easily dashed by poor planning and last minute schedule zappers. It is so hard to go through your week and add the 150 to 250 minutes of exercise that you should be getting. Below are some tips to keep you on track and reaching your health and fitness goals.

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25 Ways to Mix Up Your Workout

We often get hung up in routine. We tend to do the same thing over and over again, same 5 pound bicep curl, same number of pushups, same Bootcamp class. But mixing it up is a great way to keep the body lean, keep your mind engaged, and keep you plugged in to regular exercise.

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Green Exercise Boosts Mood

Working out outdoors boosts moods and has both short and long term benefits. I love this multistudy analysis which looked at the effects of exercising outside on 1,252 people.

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Weekend Warrior: Hiking

Ah, the joys of hiking … scenic views, beautiful mountain air, communing with nature, and a great form of exercise. But beware the pitfalls; swarms of bugs, dehydration, uncomfortable chafing, twisted ankles and did I mention bear attacks? Don’t worry we’ve got your covered with the do’s and don’ts of hiking.

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Kettlebells: How To Do It Right

Kettlebells are all the rage in fitness these days. But these old school training tools can cause injury if not used properly. We interviewed Sandy Sommer, RKC of Charm City Kettlebells, a 4 year kettlebell expert to get the pros and cons of kettlebells.

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How to Be a Fitness Star

Their big toothy grins flash at you as you walk by them in big box stores. Their hopelessly perfect bodies enticing you to try their fitness workouts. But what exactly goes into becoming a fitness star? How do you break in to this competitive area of fitness? I’ve got the goods.

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