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Wanna Fight Childhood Obesity? Watch This …

Food lobbyists are winning the battle to remove marketing guidelines for kids. Here’s some information on how we can stop them in their tracks. Best part: it will only take four minutes of your life.

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Childhood Obesity: Don’t Just Blame the Parents

It’s easy to stand there and blame parents for their kids being overweight. But the issues are far more complex than that. I’m sick of people pointing fingers and feeling superior. How about we do something useful instead?

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A Closer Look at Obesity

The 2010 rankings are out for obesity in the US. The numbers are increasingly worse with only one area improving over last year, the home of Mrs. Obama, Washington, DC.

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How Fat is Your State? 2010 Results

Despite top ranked TV shows, a strong push from Michelle Obama and the US Government, Americans continue to slide deeper into obesity. All states continued to pack on the pounds. Only the District of Columbia improved. (Maybe Mrs. Obama is having an impact afterall.)

I’ll be dissecting the study more tomorrow. Here’s the ranking for today. How did your state do?

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How Much Screen Time for Kids?

The American Academy of Pediatricians has recommended certain guidelines for screen time for our kids. Screen time is the combination of TV, computer and gaming that our children engages in daily. I will tell you it’s a constant struggle at my house. Our 2nd grade son is perfectly content with a screen in front of him. Almost any screen.

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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution: The Chicken Nugget Fiasco

The beginning of episode two opens with our intrepid food revolutionary back at the radio mike defending a newspaper article that slagged his efforts to fight obesity in Huntington, WV.

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Jamie Oliver Wants to Save the World

The premise of the show is to drop a fish-out-of-water Brit into the middle of the unhealthiest city in the US. Huntington, WV leads the country in heart disease, diabetes and obesity rates. More than 50% of it’s population is obese, not just overweight, obese.

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Michelle Obama Fights Childhood Obesity

Michelle Obama is trying to cure childhood obesity in one generation. Here’s her plan on how to do it. Warning, scary statistics!

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