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Compassion For Your Body

How we perceive ourselves has such an impact on the actions we take to live a healthier life. So why not turn positive thinking into positive action?

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Body Confidence: Who Has It and How to Get It Yourself

From Halle Berry to Adele, all kinds of celebrities exude body confidence. Here’s how we can tap into their secret to get our own.

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Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? They had Fitness Style Too

Jackie & Marilyn were unique style icons who also had their own fitness personalities too. Are you more of a Jackie or more of a Marilyn? Take this quiz to find out.

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Body Acceptance and Weight Loss: Love Your Body, Lose Weight

Body acceptance can be a key ingredient to losing weight. So how do you love your “fat self” as much as your “thin self”?

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Marie Claire Controversy: Fitness Bloggers and Body Image

Marie Claire attacks six fitness bloggers as promoting an eating disordered lifestyle. Are they?

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A Cups are In

Are A Cups Status Symbols?

I’ve been reading a lot about body image and trends in shapes lately. It seems the A cup is in, a status symbol linked to being thin. After all, not a lot of size 14 women (the average American dress size) have A cups. Is it fair to judge a woman by her bra size?

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Dress Size in America

We’ve been vaguely aware of it for years … dress sizes are getting ever more generous. Your brain is pretty sure you’re a size 10 but then you’re shopping and lo and behold a “size 6” suddenly fits you. Suddenly that item of clothing is much more appealing.

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How to Get an Oscar Body

Every year we watch the Oscars to get an idea of what’s in fashion. We admire the dresses … sometimes we trash them … and then we go back to our humdrum wardrobes. It might actually be easier and definitely cheaper to get an Oscar worthy body than it is to get an Oscar worth frock.

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